25 April 2010

A busy first week back!

Happy Sunday.
This week has been so busy it's insane. Honestly, it feels like I have been back at school for a month not just a week! Exams are just around the corner and boy do we know it! The work has seriously taken a sharp turn upwards and after waking up at 8.30 this morning just to finish an essay for the next day I am starting to feel worried. We had an RS mock exam on thursday which went pretty well, i just feel i need to get a better essay structure so that means practice, practice, practice! ahhhhh! Also to pile it all on, prefect interviews start soon eeeeeeek!
Anyway enough of my rambling, a few pics to share. I am making a film in photography for my final piece, it is based on water but has lots of text etc and several stills so here are a few I am going to use...All of these were taken in France on rowing camp! Kinda useful, a lot of water about Lol! Anyway, have to go and do some flute practice! ahhh I am faaarrr to busy! Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxxxxxxxxxx


Unknown said...

lovely photos abi! (:

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh busy busy. sounds like a school term with little time for extra-curricular activities! make sure u have something else to do but study though, i remember it got abit too much otherwise and i lost the plot!!!!! i found a study plan worked well and planning time out was g8. even a few minutes of something else was enough. keep us up to date and prayers coming ur way.
Love Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Yes, Jo's right - remember to take little breaks, with some "Abi Time", and just chill for a few minutes. Too much work and not enough play makes Abi a dull girl (to paraphrase a famous old saying!).
Best of luck with those exams - don't lose the plot, but remember you'll do better with enough sleep, good food, plenty of water to drink and a break now and then!!!

Have a good term. Hope we will hear from you occasionally. I'll remember you on my prayer list! xx

Amy said...

I'm saying ditto to Jo and Lizzie :-)
Great shots and it sounds like rowing camp was great - take care in the lead up to exams!

humel said...

Gosh, Abi, that does sound busy! All the best with it all, and take care of yourself xx

PS Love the gorgeous photos :-)