29 March 2012

Operation Speak Out


The other day I was trying to explain blogging to my father. By and large he gets it. What he doesn't really get is the comments. "Why doesn't everyone comment" he asked and then to me "do you comment on every blog?" The honest answer was no.

So, he said "How about you have a day when everyone is encouraged to comment on everyones blogs."
Father is a genius!

Commenting is something I think everyone appreciates but I believe there are a few reasons why we don't do it...

1. We haven't got enough time.
2. We think that that blogger has so many comments she won't possibly need/ recognise/read mine.
3. We don't have anything to say.

I think these are all VALID and GOOD reasons. But hand on heart there are blogs that I check most days yet comment on less than once a month.

I know it isn't always possible to comment but I think it is important that we encourage one another for each post is full of heart and has taken time.

So.. this is my propasal...

On Thursday 5th April I am going to make it my mission to comment on EVERY BLOG I VISIT. Just for this one day I am going to speak out on these blogs. Blogs big and small. I will write a comment.

I would love love love it, if some of you joined me in this. Feel free to use the button at the top of the post. Pass it onto others, so we can have one day when the internet is awash with people sending words of encouragment and praise.

 "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."
  1 Thessalonians 5:11

This is something that is really on my heart and I am so excited for, thank you for reading!



scrappyjacky said...

Like you,Abi,I never get round to commenting on all the blogs I vist....there is definately a time issue.
I have to say the new word verification doesn't help either....you might want to think about removing it!!

Lynn said...

A great idea Abi. Until I started my own blog I never commented but once I began to blog I realised how much comments meant to me and so I try to. But like you not all the time. I agree with Jacky the new word verification is a pain - I've taken it off mine.

JO SOWERBY said...

cool plan Abi. I will aim to take part,
Jo xxx

Beverly said...

What a wonderful idea, Abi! I do almost always comment even if it's short. I have a counter so I know that I am actually read but comments just make it seem so much more real to me. People with word verification that I just read in passing, I tend to not comment on. Those like you that I adore I still comment, in fact I have a post coming up about the new verification. I'll provide a link to this post ;). Have a great day, sweetie!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I do love the idea - I visit your blog every time you post, but probably only comment one out of every ten times or so. But I"ll play along on the 5th.

Kes said...

I think it's a fab idea - but often I don't even get to read for weeks at a time, and when I do it's generally on the phone or iPad - so if I think I have something really worth saying I'll dive in, but otherwise I'm just getting through what I can! I'd love to say I'll join in Thursday, but truth us it's likely I'll either forget of not read anything that day (given its the day after we move - its highly likely I won't get to read)... But I thought I'd leave a comment her, maybe that'll kind of make up for it!

Sian said...

I do try to comment on as many blogs as I possibly can. I love the interaction and the conversation and I find it encouraging when someone takes the time to comment on what I have posted. I usually read at lunchtimes and cover my keyboard with sandwich crumbs! But the new word v. is a pain, I do think it is putting commenters off.

Good idea!

Lizzie said...

Fabulous idea Abi! Please tell your father, that I said he has a Wonderful Daughter! He may have had the great idea - but it's you who has the courage and vision to put it into practise.
I would feel honoured to join in with your Speak Out day! And I've put your link on my blog's News column (with a small version of the button if I can sort it out!)
Brilliant idea!

debs14 said...

What a great plan! It's so easy to read and then click on the next one but we all like it when someone takes the time to make a comment so I'm going to really try! But I agree with Sian. The new word verification system is a real pain and I have on occasions given up trying to decipher things that are blurred or smudged together which is a shame. Maybe we should make the same day a day where everyone turned that process off!!!

Anonymous said...

Fab idea! Have written a post about it and done a link to this page on our blog :-). Until commenting Thursday... :D

furrypig said...

interesting idea only just read about this so will try and comment thanks Abi for encouraging me to encourage! xxx

GlorV1 said...

Well I missed the 5th, but I'm sure you will hold another one. I always try to comment whenever I visit anyone. See, I'm commenting here and right now. :)) Have a great Easter. I was visiting Rinda and seen her post so decided to check this out. Take care.