7 February 2010

The ball!!!

Happy Sunday
Again, apologies for not stopping by sooner. A MANIC week. Good news though is that it is half term on friday so more time to blog, scrap and drive!!!
So, a bit of a run through of the week. Monday we got the long awaited topics for our photography exam. They release them now so we have about 3 months to make a portfolio. The topic I chose was Image and text. How cool is that???!!! Scrapbooking here i come!!! I have been doing a bit of research of typography artists, if anyone knows where I can get some inspiration I would love some advice. Below is my first attempt, just messing around with fonts etc. The week pootled along with work work and more work. Yesterday was my crazy hectic day. We rowed at Wycliffe head in a coxed girls four. It was beyond freezing. (I had seven layers on!) and cos I am the cox I was sitting still for like 3 hours! Good news though, we came third in both divisions! happy times!
So..the ball!!! Where to start??? It really was incredible. Lived up to all the expectations! it was casino themed so we had a giant house of cards, red, black and white balloons, place names were playing cards and the tickets were poker chips.
We had pre-dinner drinks with my houseparents..(yeah I'm the little one on the right!)
and then the boys came up to collect their dates. The boy....oh my word, he looked so handsome. He gave me this beautiful rose and...
The most beautiful bracelet. It is stunning. Amazing too because he had no idea my dress was black and white before he bought it! Spooky!!!
As I said there was a giant house of cards... Prizes were also awarded for best dress, best shoes, best gentleman and guess who won cutest couple??!! eeeekk.....!I haven't got many pictures of the night as the lighting was awful and I was enjoying myself too much. The meal was lovely and during we pudding we had opera singers. Then there was a balloon drop, fireworks and a disco which was tops!!!!! Thought you might wanna see this picture!... (sorry the quality isn't great but we had one of the girls taking proper pics so as soon as I get a copy I will put it here!) Ahh!! He was so lovely! I went to clear up this morning so managed to plunder a few bits and pieces that will definitely be used for a scrapbook page later on!!!
so, an eventful week, photography trip tommorow as well-the fun never stops! Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxx


Lizzie said...

It sounds as if that ball was super-lovely! I'm so glad you had fun and the Boy looked great, all spiffed up! I think you deserved the "Cutest Couple" prize (choccy too...mmm)

Your photography project sounds interesting. I'll look out for anything that might be useful when I'm poodling around on the Net.

You could look up Kirsty Wiseman, as she has a photography business and is also a scrappy, crafty type. You might find stuff on her blog or some links that would be useful. Also Jane Dean (find their blog links on my blog - r/h side a little way down).
Shimelle had some links on a recent(ish) post, to online photo editors, where you could add text and stuff. Might be helpful to follow that up too?
Anyways, if I come up with any more, I'll let you know. Always happy to encourage a friend.

Have a great week.. half term coming up rapidly - where have those weeks gone?

Sian said...

I just came back with a suggestion for you (useyourtype.blogspot.com) and I've noticed that my last comment doesn't seem to have published. Don't know what I did to it! It said you look happy and the ball looks like it was a night to remember

JO SOWERBY said...

hi Abi,
wow what a fabulous night you had. congrats on the award for cutest couple........you certainly are :)). I LOVE your ball dress u look stunning and Tim is a handsome escort in his bowtie. Good u got some little mementoes to scrapbook with, looking forward to seeing your LOs which will be amazing as always. Half term this week? or next? I also love all the things that make u happy. I love driving in the car with my dad too although we dont get to listen to Dido, tends to be Vaughn Williams or something big band as he's a huge jazz fan. Its just nice to spend quality time with him.
I am recovering from Swine flu so haven't blogged much at all recently but hope to be back on the ball soon.
Regarding typography, I'll look out my notes to a Jessica Sprague class I did about journalling etc as it had lots of g8 links.
Really looking forward to meeting up on March 7th. I'll email u my phone number so we can chat if u like.
Take care,
Jo xxx

humel said...

Aww, cute couple indeed :-) So pleased you had a good time! The photography sounds really interesting too, keep us posted - I love seeing your work x

Amy said...

Thanks for the catch up Abi!

I'm looking forward to seeing the progression of you photography assignment - Jo is right, Jessica Sprague does have some great ideas on how to use text on photos .... she has free classes every now and then as well which may be helpful to you.

The ball sounded like it was fabulous - gorgeous bracelet!

Oh, on the photography theme - have you heard of the 'shutter sisters' and 'I love faces'? These websites have sensational links - someone is bound to have used text on their photos somewhere there :-)