17 February 2010

Some photography fun!

Happy Wednesday all.
I have done nearly all my work now! wooooh which means, guilt free scrapping!! i have got a page nearly done and another that needs a picture taken of it so stop by soon to see some LO's! Just got back from a driving lesson. Did hill starts and roundabouts! I actually really enjoy roundabouts, once you have figured which way to indicate and which lane u have to be in, it's pretty straightforward (well not literally, pretty curvey!!! LOL)
For the first time in a long while the sun is poking his head out so I decided this had to be the moment to take some pictures! My photography topic is image and text. Thanks so much to all of you who gave me links to awesome websites!
So.. a few of my first experiments! eeek! obviously they need a bit of touching up, but I'm pretty happy with them. He he!I had fun with this one! Thickers have so many uses! Lol!
After taking some pics I went upstairs to find the kitten that isn't a kitten fast asleep in a sunwarmed bundle.. isn't she just so sweet?! (theo was off draped over someones knees!)

She has to have the fluffiest tummy ever but I couldn't get a picture because she wanted cuddles and kept nuzzling the camera! Lol!

Thanks for stopping by check back soon for some scrapbook loveliness!

Loves xxxx


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the one with the clothes line and the hand heart. Maybe you should make a sign for the kitten belly?

JO SOWERBY said...

i have the same problem but only 1 knee..........normally fluffbun ends up on the bed or on mummy's lap whilst baby fluff sits on either my lap if available or on the armchair. she's in the doghouse though cos she wee'd in the lounge, luckily we have laminate flooring rather than carpet, but come on she's 3!!!!!
just too lazy to go via catflap.
love the letter fun, yes thickers are cool. i love you back, ala handart yoiu did.
Jo xxx

Amy said...

Great shots Abi! The first lemon one really stands out for me ... clothes line one is good too. Looking forward to a scrappy post.

humel said...

Fab pics :-) My fave is the first lemon one too, but I also love the heart/hands x