13 January 2012

On blogging

I love blogging, don't get me wrong, I love being able to share with creative like minded people. I love sharing photos and stories.

But. I don't enjoy the guilt at not posting (although this is irrational). I don't enjoy the viscous cycle of looking at pageviews and  numbers of comments and readership.

So, as part of my Glorious 2012 mantra, I am going to put aside those things I don't like. yep, this post has no photo, yep it isn't greatly planned, yes, it is a combination of things on my heart. But once in a while I need this. I need the outlet a blog is, I need it as my journal and my stream of conciousness.

So today..

I am writing this post in a room surrounded my children, with noise on all sides.

I am exhausted from the first week of term but exhilerated with seeing the children again and getting back into working.

I am loving documenting the best thing in each day.

In any spare minutes I have I am gaining inspiration from all those beautiful blogs out there.

I cannot get enough of talking to the boy.

It feels weird to be a thrid of the way through my time as a gap student.

I am planning some big blogging/craft/ inspiration goodnes for the coming months- if time allows!

As I write I am planning my next post which will I assure you contain photos and a better structure.

For now though I am happy to leave you with me. With no frills, no pictures, just the bare bones of what is on my heart.

I think I will leave with this for now though. thanks for taking the time to listen to a ramble! What are your views on blogging?

1 comment:

JO SOWERBY said...

sometimes it's good to go with the flow and head baxk to basics. thanx for sharing where you are right now. looking forward to the next post and projects,
jo xxx