17 February 2015

Project life weeks 3 & 4

Sporadic blogging isn't what I would choose but in my final year of uni i'm still working on getting the balance! I miss blogging when I don't do it so am working on finding a pattern that is right for me. 

Project life weeks 3 and 4. Sometimes this project is a chore and sometimes I come into a room and find the boy sitting on my bed with the PL book open on his knee and it is entirely worth it. 

This is how I went about making these pages: 

For week three I had two 'sets' of SLR photos which I wanted to display along with some snapshots of the week. I therefore chose this template because it gave me the option to pop in some 4x6 collages. 

I started with my favourite photos of my PL book, leaving one untouched in a pocket and the other with a small space of journalling underneath. I wanted to include other photos but didn't want to overwhelm the page so made a small four photo collage and a simple sentiment. 

I then turned to my knitting and sewing photos and did a similar thing. A shallow depth of field works really well for adding journalling later and I just directly placed it on top of the photo before putting the picture in the pocket. 

Week four was a slightly different set up because I knew I wanted to include the stories of our trip to London. That meant a lot of text. I tackled this by using some of my favourite photos on their own in with just a small tag and then pairing that with journalling cards with a lot of writing on. 
I also tried to keep the colours fairly neutral, so lots of cream and brown with pops of blue. 

I kept a similar feel for the second page, using large journalling spots alongside smaller photos and a few details. I find keeping the font the same all the way through helps to unify a page. 
I'm always torn with adding lots of text to my pages however I figure that the stories are sometimes more important than the photos. 
For a trip like this I tried to keep my photos and journalling in chronological order so when I come back to look at the page it makes sense as a whole story. 

It's good to have most of January documented now. On to catch up with February! 


alexa said...

I always enjoy your PL pages, Abi, and am intrigued how you fit so much into small spaces, like the little collages and text on top. Great tips! Hoping you manage to keep finding the balance this week ...

scrappyjacky said...

They're looking great,Abi.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pages. Isn't Liberty just wonderful! I pop in whoever I can, love the fabrics & the stationary department!


humel said...

Beautiful pages, as ever - I'm glad you've kept doing it, too! And hey, sometimes sporadic is the only way to keep it going... x

Lea Lacoste said...

what are you knitting? did i miss a post about you knitting?? very excited to see what it will be!
I so miss London, all my fave places are on your photos ;)

Karen said...

Your PL layouts are always wonderful!

Susanne said...

Love that your pages have so much written on them. Nice job.

Sandra said...

Your PL pages are such a joy to see

JO SOWERBY said...

I love seeing you rPL pages Abi they always look so beautiful. I'm sure uni work is very very busy at the moment and I miss you when you don't blog too but only a few more months and it'll be a First, I hope
Jo xxxxx