27 September 2010

I am now an adult...


In my 18th year I hope to:

Get a place at a uni I like
Get the A level results I am hoping for,
Work hard but also find the time to have fun.
Be the best head girl I can be!
Get grade seven flute
Really be grateful for what I have.
make the most of family time
fall more in love with the boy
become a better photographer
find more time for scrapbooking!

Those of the resolutions of the now 18 year old Abi! wooh woooh! I woke up on Friday morning, hoping I would have grown.. no such luck, but i am now officially an adult which is very exciting! ha ha!

This weekend was Exeat weekend, meaning we get to go home on a friday evening and come back in on the sunday. It was so nice to have it over my birthday and I had such a lovely weekend.

On saturday as a family we went out to see this:

It is incredible and I would highly recommend it. The whole performence is done at the old eurostar station and the audience sit on the platform and the actors perform on this moving stage on the rails! There is also a real steam train which is very exciting! I have been in love with the book ever since I was little, so it was such a treat!

I got so many lovely presents and felt uttlerly spoiled! My best friend got me a beautiful locket.

The boy got me this:

And my parents got me these!

I played with the sewing machine all of sunday afternoon. It is very easy to work and as soon as I have more time i want to post a tutorial about how to make a little owl! I am already planning what I want to make next, perhaps a new skirt! So exciting being able to sew again!

I had an amazing weekend and so loved catching up on all your blogs again and reading your lovely comments on mine! I have missed you all.

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Loves xxx


scrappyjacky said...

Happy,Happy Birthday,Abi......and I hope all those wishes come true for you.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Happy Birthday! What a fine adult you are!

Liberty :) said...

happy birthday abi! fab news on the sewing machine! and congrats on being head girl x

Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday Abi! You shared your birthday weekend with another wonderful person - My DS was 13 on Sunday! A teenager and a new Adult!

Good luck for your 19th year... I bet it will go by really fast. This time next year, won't it be great to look back at all the targets you'd set yourself and see how well you'll have done? I hope you manage to achieve them all - I am sure you'll do your best!

Enjoy your lovely sewing machine. I like to sew and I loved having a machine when I was a teenager - I could make stuff that I couldn't afford to buy otherwise! It's nice to be able to make individual things too.
Love the jewellery you were given - esp. the beautiful bracelet. So gorgeous!

Sian said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I'm so glad it was one to remember because you are only 18 once :)

humel said...

Your presents are so lovely! Glad you had a fabby day, you deserved to :-) Wishing you all the very best with your hopes and ambitions for the coming year xx