1 September 2010

Watch out on the roads!

Hi all

I did it! The examiner was lovely, we had a big chat about boarding school and he told me very camly that..

I PASSED weeeeeehhhh!

You are allowed 15 minor faults until you fail and I got 12 so rather too close! But all that matters in my eyes is that..I did it! Such a relief! Watch out on the roads though as Abi is now on the loose!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and prayers, it so worked!

loves xxxxxxxx


Sian said...

Yay! Congratulations, you are all set for a life on the open road now.

debs14 said...

Well done! You must be so thrilled! Keep safe x

scrappyjacky said...

Well done,Abi...great news.

Maria Ontiveros said...


JO SOWERBY said...

yippee for abiiiii. i remember my exam i was so nervous but passed fine. go off and drive ur first trip alone that's more scarey
Jo xxxx

Lizzie said...

Congratulations, Abi! Passed first try as well - do you know that v. few people pass their test first time (I did hee hee)? Well done you!
Once you've done a bit more driving and got confident, why not do what I did - call your driving instructor and ask for a Motorway Driving lesson. I found it invaluable - the motorway techniques are different, and of course you can't learn it before your test, as you're not allowed on the m/way til you have a full licence!!
So clever of you - it's such great news. Have a great time driving (and watch out for grannies on bicycles!)
And it gives you a Great Excuse to make another Scrapbook Page! What bliss...

Amy said...

Well done Abi :-)

humel said...

Hooray!! Sorry I didn't get to comment yesterday, but I was thinking of you and managed to check your blog to get the news - just no time to comment! So, so pleased :-) And what a great photo! Have you scrapped it yet?! xx