22 January 2010

catching up...

Yesterday I was all set to write a post. Had the pictures, thought up what I would say etc etc. Logged onto the computer and went to my blog. Navbar gone....hmmmm me thinks, somethings not quite right. Tried to edit a post, filtered! Tried to reach other blogs, Filtered! tried typing blogger into google, Filtered! ahhhhhhhh Ok, it was in prep but for the first time I had no prep and had told myslef that if I had none I would treat myself with blogging...grrr...cruel school computer! to say I was annoyed was an understatement! Why filter blogger i ask you????? is scrapping explicit???? Ok. Rant over.
So..back with the post that was supposed to be. Mind you though, in about 5 mins i have to go to chapel, so, like normal this post will be delayed. I'm sorry, I lead a rather manic life at the moment. (yeah like i said this is now being written at 9.17 pm!!!!!)
This week has been tiring but incredible fun. This movie was sad, moving, far too graphic and resulted in one rather soggy shoulder and lots of cuddles...I've had so many essays this week but thankfully most are now done. Had a blogging moment earlier today. U know when something happens and u think. I HAVE to blog that. This was one of those moments..
I was in photography and looking through my portfolio. A bag of random childhood objects was on top of my locker. Somehow I managed to catch it on my arm and the whole thing came crashing down. First thought was ahhhh everything is broken. Actually nothing was. Out popped this....It was a musical box I have had since I was tiny. It was full of letters my mum has sent me each week when i'm at school over the years. I knew I had taken this to school so I was just glad it wasn't broken. In the process of falling the box had opened and all the letters had spilled out. But...it wasn't just letters that came out. Look what I found and hadn't even realised was there...These three little duckies were things I thought I had lost. I guess I got them when I was about 6. I loved lining them up on my bookcase and as a result they are slightly chipped, I think that adds to their character! my favourite is the one with the red wreath, what's yours? ( sorry the pic isn't that good, the light was bad bad bad and I used the wrong lens but was too lazy to change it!)

Not only did the duckies come out but something else i had forgotten about...No, it isn't real. It's plastic. I got it on my seventh birthday, I think, as something nice to play dress ups with. I used to pretend it was made of real diamonds so as a result it was precious and ended up..in the musical box.

It was so exciting to find these items, like a secret treasure trove! Does anyone else have any objects they have found and previously forgotten about?

So... to make up for lack of blog posts, u have an extra long one now!!! he he! Last weekend I went out n took loads of pics. The weather was awesome and I took some random pics with objects, just experimenting with my lens...This was one of my fav's, this little bear is like 7cm tall and so cute!

this is our fire board we have to flip our the tags to say if we are in or out, safety etc! I just loved the colours and the focus of this!
I was trying to mix technology and nature, this was one of the better photographs.

the colours in this, make me so happy!

now..here is the exciting bit, I would love to do a bit of a giveaway eeeek...Basically, I am giving away one of my pics and making it into a page that can be displayed (a bit like a big ATC) if u wanna enter please leave a comment saying which picture u would like on the ATC (it can be one u have liked on a previous post) and why u have chosen that one. The winner should get their prize in a few weeks time at half term cos then I have a chance to make it! (sorry it is such a long time but u know, school and all that!)

Giveaway closes on tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by.

Loves xxxxxxxxxxx


Sian said...

Abi, I think they're all great! I'm still at the photography stage of learning what the buttons on the camera actually mean.

scrappyjacky said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog,Abi.
Your photos are great...so much better than anything I take.....really do wish I was a better photographer.....something to work on!!!I love the colours in your final photo as well....definately my favourite.
I love it when you find old treasures...it always brings so many memories flooding back.

JO SOWERBY said...

i had a jewellery box exactly like that when i was little and i would spend hours watching the ballerina dancing endlessly around in her pink tutu!!!! i have loads of secret things and memory boxes I keep so can really understand the memories which come back when you find something you had forgotten.
if i had to choose a picture it would of ted in his duffle coat. a. cos i love teddies and b. cos he looks so cute!!!!!
glad you ''enjoyed'' the film
Jo xxxx