6 January 2010

Happy times from my corner of the world

It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!! yay! I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow inches deep! I was in shock! As I finished a lot of my work yesterday, today was my day off and I have enjoyed getting bright red rosy cheeks and cuddling up in my room to scrapbook. Snow days are the best! Feeling loads better today but am decidedly bunged up grr.....anyways, how about a few piccy's?....Our washing line! This made me laugh!
we've given up on a freezer.
we have done a lot of walking
and baked a delicious spiced pound cake. Perfect on a cold day spread thickly with butter.mmmmhh!
we've done a lot of competitive wii playing on wii sports resort (awesome game by the way!) But I think Theo has the best plan! He wasn't happy to be woken! Lol!

Thanks for stopping by, Have fun playing in the snow!

Loves xxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

Hiya Abi,
More snow on top of snow, you must be in the thick of it. It's snowed loads here too so when u get back to school it may loook the same. Sian has said my snow pics look like Narnia..........cute
Jo xxx

humel said...

Lovely pics :-) My kids are so thrilled, school closed today 'cos of snow - that's their first ever Snow Day!! x

Lizzie said...

Great photos! J. was cross that he had to go to school this morning. The snow wasn't too bad here in the Bedford area. However, they sent them all home at 2:30pm because the school bus co. said they would prefer to take the bus kids early. So he came trotting home an hour early with a big grin! I have a feeling we may have a "Snow Day" tomorrow though, as it's freezing hard out there. Down to minus 6 tonight, the forecaster said! BRRRR!

Your washing line pic is funny! Theo does have the right idea though. Sherlock was not pleased with the weather and he spent most of the day in the warm - except when he went on a bird-stalking adventure (and wimped out because he was cold!).

Keep warm, get well soon, have fun! xx

Amy said...

gorgeous photos Abi :-)