3 January 2010

Just to stop by..

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments about my last post, It was such a great encouragment! I will probs do a proper post tommorow as I have been away at The boys house! he he! We had a wonderful relaxing weekend together, just enjoying spending time with each other. Brought along the camera as well...scrapping never ends! ha ha!

The only decent one of the two of us! Lol! Self timer was being funny grrr...Yeah I know it's blurry but it's that look that makes my heart skip a beat. He so incredibly caring and lovely. I am very lucky! Oh n the playing the guitar. That makes me very happy! Lol!

Anyway hopefully a longer post tommorow! Thanks for reading!

Loves xxxxxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

awh at last we can truly see appreciate the gorgeousness of that young man!!!! :) what is his real name and have a g8 rest of the hols abi,
love jo xxx

Lizzie said...

The Boy is cute - I'm not surprised he makes your heart skip (mine too if I wasn't old and ancient!)
Keri-Anne got a remote shutter release for her christmas pressie. It's ace - no worrying about self timers now!
My DH tells J. that a guitar is a good thing to play, as young ladies like a boy who can play guitar. It's so true... and he's very good at it, so the young ladies had better look out (in about 4 - 6 years time anyway!).

Unknown said...

you two look cute together (: