29 August 2012

Around here- August edition

Phew! August has been such a busy and exciting month. It feels only yesterday I was turning over the calendar and now we are moving into September. From top: A whole lot of blogging and redesigning this month, an amazing time camping and worshiping God at Momentum. Doing lots of experiments in reverse appliqué sewing, spending a lovely evening with this lady and a few others. Decorating my bedroom in our new house. Getting this handsome man into some reluctant photo shoots. Playing around with instagram photo displays (tutorial will come!) Sending these snaps off for the next big adventure...uni! 

What has your month looked like? 

For clarification, around here photos are images I collect together towards the end of the month. The stray images, the orphaned ones. Those left on the end of a memory card or taken for a blog post yet not quite made it on. I think these sum up my month far better than any words can!


Sian said...

Lovely pictures - well worth making a feature of! my month has gone so very quickly. School starts today..

Beverly said...

I love the look of the reverse applique. When do you head off to Uni?

Abi said...

I head off at the end of September! scary!

JO SOWERBY said...

I can't believe you've moved again, much worse than my dad moving us every few years. Loving the Momentum picture. Collected the Josh from there last Thursday after he and his mates had helped with the pull down process. They had an amazing time. I have been a bit Bipolar this month so not so happy but getting better. Met some friends today and off to help with a baby tomorrow. Saturday is scrapbooking day............haven't been fro a while so will be nice to catch up. Elsewhere, I've been on nights, reading loads of books and getting back into blogging,
Jo xxxx
PS. Uni here u come, yippee xxx

humel said...

Love these tantalising glimpses into your life this month! :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great thing to do at the end of the month.