4 August 2012

Rinda's Scavenger hunt


Today I am linking up with Rinda and sharing my finds from her scavenger hunt.
Rinda, firstly I want to say that your hunt provided my family with such a huge amount of fun that my Mum is thinking of starting one with the class she teaches at school!

I decided that to be motivated enough to do the hunt I had to give myself a time constraint! Therefore I got my family together as we flew out to America and read them the list stating that I wanted to get most of them done on holiday.  They were initially sceptical but soon rose to the challenge.

The best thing about the hunt was that each picture recorded a little bit of our holiday. They made me focus in on different things. Each and every one of these pictures comes with a story....

A pier

By an amazing stroke of good fortune the house that we rented out was on one side of a large river. Each day to get to our destination we had to cross said river on the ferry. With a large stretch of water  comes piers and these ones look like they have come straight out of a desert island!

A Clothesline

This one makes me laugh! My mum  during our stay was lamenting the fact that no one around us in Virginia seemed to hang out their washing ( a sweeping generalisation but we'll go with it!) despite the fact that it was nearing one hundred degrees. Try as we might we couldn't find a washing line to photograph. Then one day we were traveling along and stopped at an intersection. "THERE!" my mum shouts. "What?!" we all asks, highly worried. "A washing line!" she cries. And there, lo and behold in the back garden looking out onto the road was a clothesline. My mum whipped out her camera and had taken the shot before the lights had gone green!

A Border

Confession time. It got to the airport and I still hadn't taken a photo of a border. It was getting desperate so when we reached passport control I whipped out my phone and sneakily took a photo. I was so scared that I would end up in for questioning that it is partly blurred and has my finger over the bottom half! I also pixilated out the security guard. If I end up in jail Rinda, I am blaming you! My anxiety increased when I got nearer and read the signs expressly forbidding the use of phones and cameras. I am still waiting for the knock on my door!

A roadside stand selling something

This man was having a bake sale outside his house and I captured this photo just as we were whizzing past.

A train

My brothers love theme parks and roller coasters so we decided to visit Busch Gardens. My mother hates the rides to the point that it took quite a bit of coaxing to get her on the cable car! She did however enjoy that train ride around the park!

A Historical landmark

This is the Governors Palace in Colonial Williamsburg. An important building for the Americans because it signifies the British control in the colonies before the revolution

A person playing a musical instrument

One the first day of our America stay we headed out the Peanut festival. It was a real southern event and we had a great time wandering around all the stores. Not only were there plenty of local goods for sale there was also a band! Musician tick!

An Angel

This one caused us serious problems! A statue or someone dressed up?? It was so hard. To the point where my dad was pointing out Angel  tattoos on people suggesting I took a photograph of them! Thankfully I didn't follow that line and my Dad came up trumps by spotting this pretty angel outside a shop!

A fountain

Compared to the angel this was easy! This rather wonderful fountain was outside the jamestown settlement. It depicts a ship, very like what the first settlers would have travelled on,

A horse

Ok, this is your time to laugh! So a long while ago I wrote down the hunt list in my journal. I was short on time so it was a bit of a scribble. When I came to look at the list again in America I read 'horse' for 'hose'! So I went out and took a picture of a hose at the baseball game! Ha ha ha! Whoops! Hey ho!

Thankfully I also took a picture of this beautiful horse and carriage!

A shadow

A shadow was easy to get in such a hot country but we wanted something a bit more special. The boat I mention at the top of the post was a great place to take photos from and one day my mum discovered that we could get a shadow photo of our family in the water! I really love this shot.

A trail

Again another tricky one. We eventually found this at a civil war historic site. My dad was surprised how keen I was to visit the trail and then realised that it was on "the list"!

A library

We didn't see a single library all the time we were staying in America. That was until the last day when we were driving to the airport. My dad was happily chugging along when he shouts "A Library!" Not only does the kind man slow down, he screeches to a halt, turns around, stops the car and lets my brother run out with the camera to take a picture of the sign!

A person playing with a ball

At our villa we had a pool and this young man is a fish! He can stay in there all afternoon. He is also a sport lover so it was natural that the ball and the pool came together!

Someone dancing

Another picture from the colonial part of Williamsburg. You will have to believe me that these girls were demonstrating a dance!

A Bride

We were at a complete loss as to what to do for the bride! That was until we were in a very quiet shop and one of my family noticed this beautiful doll in the cabinet. One brother kept a look out for the owner of the shop while the other coughed loudly to mask the sound of the shutter! We are nothing if not determined to get a photo!

A church

We drove past plenty of churches during our stay, some the size of barns, but I chose to photograph this one because we attended the service on our first sunday of holiday and received such warm welcome.

A movie poster

We were sitting in a ice cream shop when we found this.

An outdoor stairway

The house we stayed in had quite a few of these.

A swing

 I dont' know if this is legit but it is a swing which is used like a hammock??? It was the best that I could come up with and was a really beautiful place to sit on our porch.

Me and my nation

It could only really be my passport!

Again, thank you Rinda for such a fun thing to do on our holiday!


Amy said...

Abi, our family had a similar experience - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Your pier shot is fabulous!

scrappyjacky said...

Great captures,Abi....and they give a wonderful overview of your holiday as well.
Hope the knock on the door doesn't come!!!!

helena said...

well done and a great way to capture a holiday - love the hose story

debs14 said...

Brilliant! The 'hose' story made me smile! You've got some great shots here and how great to combine the scavenger hunt with holiday memories.

Mary B said...

Wow I love so many of these captures the Border made me giggle and I know that feeling of taking sneak photos where you are not supposed to do so.
the Hose brought a puzzled frown to my brow until I read what you had said about it.
Well done on the water shadows
The bride and the hammock have given me an idea (I'm stuck on those two)
I've so enjoyed your pictures and explanation

Sian said...

What beautiful pictures - is it a full set? Must be very nearly! I love the clothes line - not only did you find you, you found a beautifully colour coordinated one

Missus Wookie said...

Abi - congratulations on such a wonderful set of photos and the stories that went with them! Really enjoyed reading down them all. Fun seeing your shots of Virginia too :)

I have fond memories of sitting on porch swings just like that one :happy sigh:

Elizabeth said...

You did good!!! Amazing how you could combine the hunt with your holiday.

Beverly said...

Love how enthusiastic the whole family was! Sadly there are fewer clotheslines here most people use the dryer :/ I adore the shadow photo. I hope ya'll loved Virginia, if I was going to live outside of North Carolina, Virginia would be high on my list :)

Barbara said...

Well done with getting your photos on holiday, you will never forget now how you got them. I like the story of the border photo.

Kirsti said...

Fabulous holiday photos....looks lik eyou had an amzing time...xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

This post makes me sooo happy! I love that the Scavenger Hunt became part of your holiday. I love the stories about the clothes line and the border especially. And I had the same exact idea for my portrait with a country of origin.

furrypig said...

so many wonderful photos Abi and what a great idea to use your passport as the Nation's symbol!

The Mann Fam said...

What a great job! I loved your hose/horse mix-up. Sounds like something I would do.

ForgedinPaper said...

Lovely photos. It looks like a great holiday.

Karen said...

Great finds. Your photo of the pier is fabulous!

boysmum2 said...

What an awesome holiday you have just managed to have, so jealous, it all looks such fun. Popping over from Rinda's toi catch up on your hunt, well done on completing it, still got 10 to go myself

Yoli said...

Hose . . . horse . . . makes for a good story. Glad you were able to photograph both.

Karen said...

Great finds, Abi!

Anonymous said...

LOL to the hose and a beautiful pier shot. well done on getting the lot.