27 September 2010

I am now an adult...


In my 18th year I hope to:

Get a place at a uni I like
Get the A level results I am hoping for,
Work hard but also find the time to have fun.
Be the best head girl I can be!
Get grade seven flute
Really be grateful for what I have.
make the most of family time
fall more in love with the boy
become a better photographer
find more time for scrapbooking!

Those of the resolutions of the now 18 year old Abi! wooh woooh! I woke up on Friday morning, hoping I would have grown.. no such luck, but i am now officially an adult which is very exciting! ha ha!

This weekend was Exeat weekend, meaning we get to go home on a friday evening and come back in on the sunday. It was so nice to have it over my birthday and I had such a lovely weekend.

On saturday as a family we went out to see this:

It is incredible and I would highly recommend it. The whole performence is done at the old eurostar station and the audience sit on the platform and the actors perform on this moving stage on the rails! There is also a real steam train which is very exciting! I have been in love with the book ever since I was little, so it was such a treat!

I got so many lovely presents and felt uttlerly spoiled! My best friend got me a beautiful locket.

The boy got me this:

And my parents got me these!

I played with the sewing machine all of sunday afternoon. It is very easy to work and as soon as I have more time i want to post a tutorial about how to make a little owl! I am already planning what I want to make next, perhaps a new skirt! So exciting being able to sew again!

I had an amazing weekend and so loved catching up on all your blogs again and reading your lovely comments on mine! I have missed you all.

Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Loves xxx

20 September 2010

A little catch up.

Happy Monday

Another week, another hectic one too! Hope you all had a great weekend. I came down with a bit of a cold yesterday so spent the day snuggled up in bed watching movies but thankfully feel much better now!

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy a little catch up from me complete with photos! so...
Right now I am trying to get through the mammoth amount of work we have been set. Three essays so far and a personal statment to tweak!
I am getting used to my green room. From all accounts it is a lovely room, spacious, light and loads of storage space, also I don't share with any one. But...what would possess you to paint it that colour!!?? (the picture doesn't do it justice, it really is a very shocking lime green!)
I am counting down.... 18 in four days! woop woop! And..there is a leave out weekend on my birthday so best of all I am spending this weekend at home!
I am trying hard to stay organised! Witness the white board and pin board! The worst thing is that as head girl i have to keep everyone else organised too! You should see the muddle my brain is in sometimes! ha ha!
I am literally living off coffee and fig rolls. This picture is quite overexposed but I like how it came out so I kept it!
I am loving wearing stripy shirts ( a perk of being a prefect!), brightens up my day a little bit! Sorry so many of these pics aren't great light! but what can you do!

Thanks for stopping by again!

Loves xxx

18 September 2010


Hi All

This has to have been the biggest blogging break I have had..it wasn't of my choosing either!
The story goes something like this...logged onto a school computer at the start of term, typed in blog address.. FILTERED, typed in my blogging friends address FILTERED...tried to access blogger..FILTERED.

To say I wasn't happy was an understatment. Over the summer the school filtering system seemed to have decided that anything with the word "blogspot" in the web address was a security risk...hmmmm. it took several attempts at wheedling the IT department to convince them that my blog could be unblocked. Unfotunelty I haven't yet pursaded them that anything else is safe so therefore cannot access, comment read any blogs written on blogger. Big no no. I am missing so much reading all of your lovely words but as sooon as I get home this weekend I will comment as much as I can!

So...winge over, back to blogging. These first few weeks have been hectic to say the least! Plenty of head girl stuff to do. A crazy induction day with lots of tears and hand holding, two leadership courses and plenty of lunch and supper duties!

I have been getting to know some lovely new girls in the boarding house who are settling in so well and have enjoyed eating ice cream with old friends too!

I have been selling sweets for are house charity week....

And visiting these open mornings!

So all in all a manic two weeks. I will come back tomorrow with a slightly less random blog post and far more pictures. Thanks so much for coming back here after a long absence and I have missed you all very much!

Loves xxx

2 September 2010

The place at the bottom of the garden

Happy Thursday

Thank you all for the lovely comments yesterday! I went out for a drive on my own for the first time! It was very scary and I talked to myself most of the trip but I love the Independence. I did think though that someone was going to come and stop me and ask why a child was driving a car! Lol!

Today was lovely and sunny. (I even put the shorts back on!) so I decided to give my camera a proper workout.

There is a place at the bottom of the garden which is like a dirt bowl but is surrounded by these huge trees. As a result, the light is beautiful, lovely and dark with flashes of bright sunlight. There is also a net fence at the back which gives it a bit more of a grundgy feel and is perfect for portraits.

So..I put my lovely camera on its gorilla pod, the best invention by the way. It looks crazy but it can bend around anything. I attached it to a tree for most of the pictures! Looks like this:

Anyway, I attached my camera to this and got snapping. I wanted just to capture some self portraits in the interesting light. (I hope that doesn't sound vain, my little brother was not too willing to be a model!)
It was quite tricky to get the effect I wanted but as the camera was on a tripod I could afford to bring the shutter speed right down.

I also experimented with an old book I picked up from school. It is really lovely and perfect for photo ops like this!

I wasn't really taking the photos for a specific purpose but one just looked right after editing and is now my blog header! I love the pictures of feet and legs and might make this a theme for my blog headers! What do you think?

So..that is what I spent my day doing. Taking pictures in this quiet place that almost feels magical! he he!
Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxxx

PS I edit with picnik. You should check it out, it's great!

1 September 2010

Watch out on the roads!

Hi all

I did it! The examiner was lovely, we had a big chat about boarding school and he told me very camly that..

I PASSED weeeeeehhhh!

You are allowed 15 minor faults until you fail and I got 12 so rather too close! But all that matters in my eyes is that..I did it! Such a relief! Watch out on the roads though as Abi is now on the loose!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and prayers, it so worked!

loves xxxxxxxx