19 November 2011

I will thrive

The other day I read this from one of my favourite bloggers.

What really struck me was her desire to thrive rather than just survive.

Ok, so I know the boy isn't on deployment etc but the truth of those words really hit me. So bearing that in mind I write this letter to my man.

Dear T

A lot has changed in the past few months. We are a long way from each other. We have gone from seeing each other every day to seeing each other on average once a month. This is the one year we will be furthest apart.

More than anything I want to come out of this strong and confident. I want to mature and grow and understand more.

I want to come out of this year with a deeper realisation of you and us. I want to use this year to trust. To trust in God's timing and plans and trust in your love. I want to grow as a woman to be the best I can be for you.

I don't want to just survive this year.

Even in three months we have grown. We have communicated more, shared more, loved more.

More than anything I have learnt to accept. You do not find this as difficult as me but I am learning to accept a situation that I have no control over.

In short we have grown up.

We are learning that Happy comes from knowing each other are in the right place. I am blessed that you "get" me, that you love that I am loving my job. I am blessed to know that you care so much that I am happy.

On paper this year is not ideal.

In reality we are thriving.

Me and you; we are doing just fine.


6 November 2011

Storytelling Sunday: The mud pies

Hi, today I am joining in with Sian and her storytelling sunday.

This is a very simple story that makes me smile.

The location: The school woods.

The time: A sunny saturday afternoon.

The culprits: Three eight year old girls.

On a saturday afternoon the boarders who are in for the weekend either have matches or they have time to play. Time, to run around, make things, ride their bikes or build dens in the woods.

It was my turn yesterday to supervise the children playing in the woods. I hasten to add that this is one of the childrens favourite activities and my least favourite especially when it is cold.

But, the sun was shining and the children were keen and excited. So, donning the wellies we marched into the wood and there opened up for them a world of leaves, branches and superb den building space.

Half an hour passed and the shouts of the children echoed around the beautiful space. Squelching along I soon came across three of the girls. Each girl was standing in the muddiest place they could find and were picking up huge sloppy lumps of sticky black mud.

On asking what they were doing they gave me a time honoured answer  "we're making a mud pie."

And what was I to do but smile and take the photos? The sleeves weren't rolled up, trousers were coming out of wellies, mud was plastered over jumpers, arms and faces yet they were having the time of their lives. The didn't need expensive playstations or tv's. All they needed was a mess.

And at the end of it all, they were popped straight into a bath.

Who was I to stop them?