29 March 2010


Today is wet, grey and cold and most definitely does NOT feel like it is nearly April. I remember last year being so sunnay at this point. Oh well. hopefully the good weather will arive soon.
Had a good productive day. Revised Philosophy, (Religious experience and cosmological argument if you are interested!) and had a driving lesson, so my brain is rather worked out today! Lol!
Anyways, thought I would stop by with a quick post full of colour cos it is such a yucky day. These are all pictures of my mum's jewelrey. Mostly fairly cheap bits and bobs that she picks up in unique little shops and wears wears at work. They are all so lovely and colourful and certainly brighten up my day! This is one of her newest purchases. Love this. Reminds me of dominoes lined up!Gotta love this one! he he! It looks so real!This one is so so pretty!
A a whole collection of shapes and colours! I love my mum's style! he he!
I would show some more pics but blogger is not uploading my pics! grrr.. anyway thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxxx

27 March 2010

I'm home!

Happy Saturday all.
I am finally at home and very happy to be so! We had to clear our rooms this term so everything had to be taken home. This was my trunk halfway through packing! It was a bit of a squish in the car with three trunks, three tuckboxes, extra games kit bags, musical instruments etc, but we got there in the end!
This holiday is always one that I don't enjoy so much because of the dreaded revision, but..on the upside I am going to a rowing camp to France in 10 days so that is something to look forward to. As ever then, blogging will have to come in between a hectic schedule! sorry. In a strange way I actually enjoy the proccess of revision. I love to feel organised and it is quite refreshing to wake up early and then sit and excersise my mind for an hour with a glass of water and fresh fruit! I end up feeling very satisfied and productive! (well that's the theory anyway!) I think it's a lot better to start revision with a positive attitude than a negative one!
Anyway, asides from revision, I popped into my local craft shop with the intention of picking up these lovely yarns for a hat I am planning on making as a treat from work. Whilst there I realised there was a sale on! Well... I am proud to say I restrained myself as I figured scrapping hours will be very limited anyway but i couldn't resist this stamp reduced to £2.50! Bargain!
So.. a happy day! Work kicks in tomorrow! Eeeek! Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxx

21 March 2010

Last week of term!

Happy Sunday
Bit of a quick post cos I am at a friends house but just wanted to share a few piccy's we took!
This week has been good, the work has eased off slightly but all the teachers are now uttering that dreaded R word! Ahhhh not looking forward to an easter of revision but it's one of those things that once u start it is actually ok! Lol!
The last week of term is always crazy crazy cos we have a load of rounding up stuff to do and then clearing rooms, the trunks n tuck boxes come out!
Anyway the pics...This girl is amazing! she straightned her hair for a party last night (it's normally really really curly so it was so nice to see it like this! Lol!) Silly poses! what more can I say....Her Dad is real good at photography so we had some fun with jumping!Witness the camera, I am such a scrapper! he he!
Such a fun day! Hope u all had a good weekend! Thanks for reading
Loves xxxxxx

14 March 2010

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Hi All. Happy Mothering sunday to you! A day to celebrate our lovely mummy's, and here is mine... The best mum you could wish for.(the picture was taken a while back but it is one of all my all time fav's!)
The boys and I had got her a card and this necklace. I fell in love with it when I saw it in the shop cos the blues are just stunning and it is so aesthetically (if that is how u spell it!) pleasing! Me and the middle boy went into town together last weekend to buy it and I think we made the lady on the till in M&S's day! She was thrilled that we were buying something for mothers day and especially as we were buying something together! he he! Bless her! Also wanted to share another purchase. Me and two friends have started up a prayer triplet at school. It is the most amazing thing being able to tell them everything and know that they are praying about it. One thing that came up was the use of a prayer journal, to write down anything God is saying to you but also anything u want to remember to pray about. Now, the crafty lass I am, i wanted something a little bit special and pretty. After a trip to Paperchase I found this...Isn't it just gorgeous?! I love the floral pattern and the woodgrain and the bird and.... Yeah I basically love this notebook! So..this weekend is nearly over, sob sob! It's been so nice, quite relaxing, got some work done and really just enjoying being at home. One thing I have been doing is looking through Uni prospectus's and courses they offer and comparing them... My mum, bless her, has ordered literally dozens for me and my brother so my room now looks like a careers office! At the moment I am thinking of studying History possibly with education but that is only available at Durham and Cambridge so the other three would have to be straight History. Possible Uni's are Warwick, Cambridge, Durham, Southampton and maybe York. Durham is my fav but all of them are top uni's so we will have to see!
Anyway thanks for stopping by, hope u all have a lovely day!
Loves xxxxx

13 March 2010

I finally have time to Blog

Hi all.
I can't believe I have been away for so long! Yikes! I have had so much I have wanted to post but school has literally run away with me. We're fast approaching exam season so the essays are now coming thick and fast along with countless rowing regattas and a hectic schedule of lectures and mock interviews!
Anyway, I am back at last and it is the leave out weekend, so I am back at home for mothers day which is really lovely. I woke up this morning wondering where I was. It was the best feeling knowing I was at home and could sleep as long as I wanted! he he!
A bit of a catch up is in order me thinks.... On Thurday I had to get up at 5.30, (which really killed me!) and travel down to london to this river...The Tideway. I coxed the Womens Four for Schools Head 2010. Yep, it's a totally confusing course and the marshals get so strict but it was such an experience. If anyone watches the boat race we basically did the course the other way round. Started at chiswick bridge and finished at Putney. Over four miles! I was so glad I was steering and not rowing it! If you can imagine the river is over 100m's wide but the fastest stream is only 8m wide. ahhh! Serious battle for the best water. It was such an experience though and I'm pleased to say we came 8 out of 15 crews!

Photography news.. I have been experimenting with more water pictures. There is a little stream at the back of the school playing fields so I took a few shots on a beautiful summer day...It was such a lovely day, it finally feels like spring is round the corner!

These are two pictures that I edited. The first is in the style of typogrpahy artist Alan Kitching. The second is a very abstract picture of running water which I just love.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully another post tomorrow! Shock horror! Lol!

Loves xxxxx