29 May 2015

Up the tower

There is a funny superstition in Durham.
One that is passed around the students, old to young as they enter this historic university.
"Don't climb the Cathedral Tower before you have finished your degree". For the simple reason that if you do, "you won't get a first".

I don't know if my American friends have the same grading system at university? Here you can get a 3rd, a 2.2, a 2.1 (generally the most common mark and what most people aim for) and the top mark, a first. 

Now don't get me wrong, some students do climb the cathedral tower before they finish, perhaps because they don't want a first anyway, perhaps because they aren't superstitious.
I'm not superstitious at all but for some reason it had never come up to climb the tower before this point. I just don't think it is the 'done' thing! It's funny how these superstitions become tradition, even if you don't believe in them!

Anyway, once I finished my final exams and the boy had come to stay, I declared that now was the time I would climb the cathedral tower.

The boy came with me and it was impressive that he did because a steep 325 step spiral staircase is no mean feat when you have asthma. Ironically he was less out of puff than I was when we reached the top! The staircase was also incredibly narrow so if one person was going down as you came up, the two parties had to press themselves against opposite walls and clamber over each other. It made for quite the experience!

The view from the top was superb. We could see all angles of Durham from the surrounding countryside and we spent a good half hour taking photos and admiring the view as we pointed out different landmarks.

It was such a fun way to celebrate finishing my degree. Superstition or not, i'm glad I waited because it felt like such a fitting end to my academic studies!

23 May 2015

I did a degree

Let the celebrations commence!

18 May 2015

Finishing well

This is my last week of studying for my undergraduate degree.
Last bits of revision, last essays to read over. Last exams.
It doesn't feel five minutes since I was here:

The final push now. Let's finish this well.

If you are inclined to do so I would really appreciate your prayers for my final two big exams on Friday and Saturday morning. Thank you. 

9 May 2015

one photo & twenty words

She knew I needed cheering up at the end of a long week. It sure worked. What a find!

My challenge for you today. Find one photo and choose up to twenty words to tell its story. Jot it down and link back here. The link will stay open for a week so you have plenty of time to join in! 

8 May 2015

A quick reminder.

Tomorrow i'll be hosting One Photo & Twenty Words again.
The premise is so simple. You can probably work it out without me saying!
Take a photo and try and tell its story in just twenty words. No cheating. Although, I often do and add a postscript! Naughty....!

Funny sad, sweet, meaningful. All are welcome. Just write your story then link back here. The link is open for a week so you have a while.
I'm looking forward to it. See you then!

1 May 2015

Do you see what I see?

Today Ali posted this prompt on her blog..."photos are powerful story sparks. There is so much below the surface that relates to who we are and the way we see ourselves." Take a photo and ask yourself the question "do you see what I see?"

So here's mine...In this photo...

I see a woman who in her head still thinks she's a girl.

I see a woman teetering on the edge of finishing her degree and waiting expectantly for the next thing with perhaps a degree of impatience!

I see a woman comfortable around people she has known for nearly three years now. Close in that way that only comes with having lived together, cooked together and fallen out together!

I see a woman who struggled with that outfit that evening. Who wanted to try and look sophisticated and smart but somehow still looks younger than she is.

I see a woman who was pleasantly surprised by the compliments on her said outfit.

I see a woman who is about to start writing a new chapter, one where the boy is going to take centre stage in her everyday.

I see a woman nervous for change but excited too.

I see a woman embracing the last few weeks of student life, celebrating with friends, trying not to grumble about the work but enjoying what it is for now.

I see a woman who that afternoon spent over an hour looking up new sewing patterns and didn't feel guilty about it one little bit.

I see a woman still trying to figure this blogging lark out. Trying to suppress the guilt of posting/not posting, commenting on others blogs and making the time to read. Knowing in her head, no one will mind either way.

Ultimately though, I see a woman enjoying life, enjoying laughing and enjoying the friendship of these special people.

Thank you Ali for a fun way to look at a new photo.