31 May 2010

tic toc..

Happy Monday. Today has been a good day. We travelled to London to watch the 5th day of the cricket at Lords. I have to say I am the very opposite of a cricket fan, however as the boys are and it was a family outing, I decided to come along.
My bag was laden with enough revision to keep me occupied for at least two days and a healthy collection of music. As such, I spent a happy day working and relaxing, punctuated by occassional jumps when the crowd decided to cheer! Yep, that's right I watched about 15 mins of the days play! oh well, it was lovely to have family time together. (I even played kind older sister and every now and again lent my camera. The boys are getting pretty good at photography!)
These last few days I have been busy making a birthday pressie for my best friend. I am praying she isn't reading this. If you are Lorz, please stop NOW..
I got the idea for her present off Design sponge and this wallpaper clock.
I thought it would be great fun to modify the design. I therefore took a trip to hobbycraft and bought a clock movement and background paper.
It was so simple to make. I basically used the templates on Design sponge for the clock face and traced it onto my bacground paper. (I chose a paper that had a nice amount of detail but wasn't too overpowering)
On the blog, the design is for an A3 clock but it worked just as well for A4. I then cut out the pieces of the clock face, stuck them on the paper and got scrapping by printing out elements, cutting pieces of the background paper out and using foam dots to layer them up.
The hardest part was covering the hands of the clock movement and then sticking the whole design to a piece of board and drilling a whole so the clock movement could sit in the middle.
I finished it off by popping it in a slightly distressed frame. I love the end result and will probs make one for my-self.
The best bit was that clock movements cost only £5.00 so apart from time spent it was such a bargain yet looks pretty!If anyone wants step by step instructions, just comment and i can put them in the next post!
Thanks for stopping by
Loves xxxx

28 May 2010

Some very happy news.

Happy Friday and bank holiday weekend to everyone! So sorry I haven't been online for a while. the internet decided to die at school! Very helpful, but at least we all had no distractions from revision! lol! So... the last week, I have had a History exam, it went ok, I think I might have made an error on one of the questions but it was fairly ambiguous so I am hoping the examiner will realise this! Fingers crossed! Also, I am very active member of the christian union at school and it was announced on wednesday that I am CU secretary! I am overjoyed! It is such a blessing that the old committee have chosen me to organise speakers and budget and that I am recognised for my faith! Happy smiles! And.... bigger news, these last few weeks I have been having several prefect interviews. I had my second round interview on monday and today they announced the results. This is something how the dialogue went... Principle: Hi Abi, I would like you to be on the prefect team! Me: Thank you so much sir, (trying to contain my excitement) Principle: I'd also like you... to be the head girl. Me: Thank you so so much ( now trying to contain squeeling!) So.... I can now very happily say with a huge huge smile on my face... I am the HEAD GIRL! On that note, I will take my leave! Lol! Lovesxxxxx PS. lots of blogging goodness to come in between revision! xxx

16 May 2010

Who said revision wasn't pretty?

Happy Sunday...
Exams start tomorrow.
I am stressing over revision.
I have got through to the second round of prefect interviews wooooh hoo!
i had lunch with my family today which was lovely,
and..I bought coloured pens on special offer.
I think that means there have been more plus than minus points in my week which is always good! (oh and pretty revision always makes me happy!)
sorry for another short post, off to bed! Loves xxxxxxx

9 May 2010

And she was stuck...

Hi All.
Sorry, just a flying visit, but da tah da dah! I have won a prize! For work and progress in year 12 which makes me very very happy! But.. that was not what I am here to talk about. Basically, as a prize winner you get £12 to spend on any book you want off amazon, well...I want some kind of craft book as I figure I will get the most use out of it. I found this one which looks fab...And, bonus, it has been reduced to £5! So, I need to find another book as well. I need your help! Can anyone suggest a good cheap ish craft book, either on scrapbooking, knitting or creative photography? Also any christians out there, who know of a really good daily bible, with a verse or chapter dedicated to each day! Thanks! any comments would be greatly appreciated!
Hope you've all had a great weekend! xxxxxxx

3 May 2010

Him and Her

She was round his house for the weekend and he took her on a walk with the dog.
The sky was heavy with rain clouds but the sun was shining bright.
He was smiling and she looked at him and loved him.
She got out her phone to take a picture and he muttered something like "not again!"
But because he knew what it meant to her, he let her take all the pictures she wanted.
For he knew that she wanted to capture a small part of that lovely weekend.
and she knew that she needed some new pictures to scrap with....
(she also didn't realise that he was kissing her head as she took the picture and has now fallen in love with an unexpected, unplanned shot...!) ....
Loves xxxxxxxxx

1 May 2010

A day in the life...

A little day in the life of Abi... (illustrated with phone pictures, so the quality isn't great but hey!)
This morning I woke up at 6.30 because I had a rowing regatta to get too! Not such a good start to a saturday!LOL!
Plus side was that I thought it would rain today, prayed hard that it wouldn't and we have had sun for basically all the day. God truly works miracles!!!
So... we arrived at a very british regatta with plenty of tents, chairs, bbq and generally a good atmosphere..We then rigged up the boats (rowing lingo for putting the boats together after being on the trailer, in case u were wondering!) and put our blades (oars) down by the bank. Along with hundreds of others...We waited for our race for what felt like hours! A nice chance to watch the beautiful river and get out those milky white feet! he he! Sadly we didn't win the race but it was great experience. We spent the next few hours watching the boats go by and cheering on our other crews. ( don't you love those socks?!)
Some of the girls did win...And finally got their burgers which they had been waiting for all day! We stayed late, enjoying the atmosphere of a proper british day in the country..
And headed home for fish and chips as the rain started to set in. What was your day like? Hope everyone has a brilliant bank holiday!
Loves xxxx