30 January 2010

Thank you.

Happy Sunday!
Hadn't checked by my blog in a while so imagine my delight when I checked my comments and found this award three times over!!!! Thank you so much Jo, Debs and Lizzie. U guys are the tops. Was such a blessing too cos I have been going through a bit of a doubting patch about being at skl and not being able to update the blog much but knowing that you guys do stop by and read by words of wisdom (what a laugh!!!!) has given me so much confidence. So a huge THANK YOU.

Ok...so the briefing for the award was to write about 10 things that make you happy. Flip, is that a long list! I guess I am a pretty happy person so thankfully this isn't too hard!!!

1. Rewarding myself with blogging after I have finished my work! When at school, it's as close I can get to scrapbooking so it is a kind of release. 2. Waking up and realising it is the first day of the holidays and i am at home in my own bed. I honestly cannot describe how happy that makes me! 3. Being on a roll when I am making a LO. When everything just seems to come together easily.

4. Listening to Stephen Fry read Harry Potter or listening to my original tapes of Winnie the Pooh ( it is actually really amusing would you believe! AA milne had an awesome sense of humour!)5. Re-reading the little house series over and over again and knowing exatcly what is coming but still loving every minute of them. 6. Being at home, smelling cake cooking and hearing my mum sing and play the piano. That truly is heaven.

7. Me and my Dad driving home in the dark with Dido playing really loudly.8. Coxing on the river when the sun is shining and the swans are swimming past. I will include pictures in the summer cos it is truly is beautiful. (the picture below is a cox-box. Basically an amplifier so the crew can hear me in the boat! I look like a dork with it on!!!!) 9. Cuddling up on the sofa and watching Glee (yeah I have now got the episodes and watched the first 4 in a row!!!! Loved every one!) 10. Texts late at night from the Boy telling me to sleep well. I can't explain how happy this makes me!

Yesterday I went to the pub quiz at school. My team did apallingly but it was great fun! I have discovered though that rather sadly, I scored almost full marks on the round about my school. eeeeek! Been there too long!

Next weekend has been a weekend that has been talked about, anticpiated and worried about for most since september! SPRING BALL. one of the top events of the year. The committe is chosen, they organise everything from entertainment to seating plans. And most importantly of all you go with a date!

There has been some serious worrying amongst the girls, over who will ask who, what happens if someone doesn't get a date, should they still go etc etc. I have tried to offer my advice but when I was the only one with a certain date I don't think it was much comfort!!!!! LOL! Anyway, there are two guys to every girl in our year so really there wasn't a lot to worry about right??! So..every girl now has a date and the big topic of conversation is what does your dress look like?

I got my dress last summer but never got round to wearing it. I have refused to tell the boy anything about it but here is a sneak peak. Praying he won't look here before next weekend! After the ball I will no doubt have numerous pictures to post so for now, I will leave you in suspense at what the whole dress is like! The other mystery I really wanna know is what the boy has got me for before the ball. Flowers, Jewellery?????????? I don't even get a clue from him sob sob!!! Oh well, I guess a nicer surprise on the night!

Anyway back to the award. I was thinking, there are several people I wanna send this on to but they have ALL had the award already so I am going to start my own one! (excitment!!!) and then that can get passed around and it will be fresh and new and pretty to display on your blog! If this is illegal, changing one award into another, I am so sorry and will repent but I thought it wud be different and fun.

(ok, i had finished making my award on photoshop when...the computer crashed. so....award will come later when I have had a chance to cool down arghhhhhh!!!!)

Loves xxxxxxxx

25 January 2010


Happy Monday all. Just a quick post. I have just discoverd the music from this awesome progamme but cos of skl computers I haven't seen a single episode! The music is making me so happy, love the songs, defying gravity, true colours and don't stop believing! Does anyone know where on the web I can find episodes to watch apart from on channel 4 catch up?! would be so grateful! Thanks for stopping by Loves xxxxxxxxxx

24 January 2010

Thankful for...

Today I am in a happy mood and thankful for so many things:
Thankful for sunshine and lovely crisp cold weather so I can take pretty photos. 2. Thankful for my family. They really are the best.

3.Thankful for friends who make me laugh all the time and keep my life relatively sane!

4.Thankful for Music. For being able to listen to it and to play it.

Thankful for knowing a loving God and being able to worship him.
Thankful for this boy who knows all my faults, all my quirks but loves be for all I am.
7. And thankful to all of you have taken the time to come and visit my blog.
Hope u have had an awesome sunday
Loves xxxxxxxx

22 January 2010

catching up...

Yesterday I was all set to write a post. Had the pictures, thought up what I would say etc etc. Logged onto the computer and went to my blog. Navbar gone....hmmmm me thinks, somethings not quite right. Tried to edit a post, filtered! Tried to reach other blogs, Filtered! tried typing blogger into google, Filtered! ahhhhhhhh Ok, it was in prep but for the first time I had no prep and had told myslef that if I had none I would treat myself with blogging...grrr...cruel school computer! to say I was annoyed was an understatement! Why filter blogger i ask you????? is scrapping explicit???? Ok. Rant over.
So..back with the post that was supposed to be. Mind you though, in about 5 mins i have to go to chapel, so, like normal this post will be delayed. I'm sorry, I lead a rather manic life at the moment. (yeah like i said this is now being written at 9.17 pm!!!!!)
This week has been tiring but incredible fun. This movie was sad, moving, far too graphic and resulted in one rather soggy shoulder and lots of cuddles...I've had so many essays this week but thankfully most are now done. Had a blogging moment earlier today. U know when something happens and u think. I HAVE to blog that. This was one of those moments..
I was in photography and looking through my portfolio. A bag of random childhood objects was on top of my locker. Somehow I managed to catch it on my arm and the whole thing came crashing down. First thought was ahhhh everything is broken. Actually nothing was. Out popped this....It was a musical box I have had since I was tiny. It was full of letters my mum has sent me each week when i'm at school over the years. I knew I had taken this to school so I was just glad it wasn't broken. In the process of falling the box had opened and all the letters had spilled out. But...it wasn't just letters that came out. Look what I found and hadn't even realised was there...These three little duckies were things I thought I had lost. I guess I got them when I was about 6. I loved lining them up on my bookcase and as a result they are slightly chipped, I think that adds to their character! my favourite is the one with the red wreath, what's yours? ( sorry the pic isn't that good, the light was bad bad bad and I used the wrong lens but was too lazy to change it!)

Not only did the duckies come out but something else i had forgotten about...No, it isn't real. It's plastic. I got it on my seventh birthday, I think, as something nice to play dress ups with. I used to pretend it was made of real diamonds so as a result it was precious and ended up..in the musical box.

It was so exciting to find these items, like a secret treasure trove! Does anyone else have any objects they have found and previously forgotten about?

So... to make up for lack of blog posts, u have an extra long one now!!! he he! Last weekend I went out n took loads of pics. The weather was awesome and I took some random pics with objects, just experimenting with my lens...This was one of my fav's, this little bear is like 7cm tall and so cute!

this is our fire board we have to flip our the tags to say if we are in or out, safety etc! I just loved the colours and the focus of this!
I was trying to mix technology and nature, this was one of the better photographs.

the colours in this, make me so happy!

now..here is the exciting bit, I would love to do a bit of a giveaway eeeek...Basically, I am giving away one of my pics and making it into a page that can be displayed (a bit like a big ATC) if u wanna enter please leave a comment saying which picture u would like on the ATC (it can be one u have liked on a previous post) and why u have chosen that one. The winner should get their prize in a few weeks time at half term cos then I have a chance to make it! (sorry it is such a long time but u know, school and all that!)

Giveaway closes on tuesday!

Thanks for stopping by.

Loves xxxxxxxxxxx

17 January 2010

A little photo shoot fun!

Happy sunday!
It's the weekend, woooh! Thanks to all who prayed for me today! the scan went really well, quite quick and wasn't too scary! (it sounds like a spaceship by the way! Great fun for the kid in me! Lol!)
I have been a very good girl and done a lot of this: I Love history because we're studying Martin Luther and the German reformation but writing page after page of notes is slightly dull! Hey ho, it's done now! (I experimented with photoshop in a few of these, just as an explanation to the writing on a few of them!)

I then decided to go and find my camera and my new lens cos it really needed a good workout! First a piccy of me that made me laugh for a long time! And then me n my lovely friend went for a walk up to the local shop for food for hungry borders! (we do get fed but we like having extra!) This girl truly is incredible. Life has dealt her a bit of a rough hand but you would never hear her complain about it. She is just so stunning and I love taking pics of her. She truly is an inspiration to me and i am so lucky to have her as a friend. We spent the afternoon going for a slow walk just talking about everything and taking loads of pictures, more will follow in a later post!

(for the record, I don't do much editing on the pictures I take. Just touching the contrast and curves. I am so against cloning unless it's necessary cos in years to come generations will look back n think we are flawless, we're not.)
This is one of my fav pictures of the day. The light was awesome and my lens has a lovely depth of field giving this soft look. I'm still not sure about the left eye being out of focus, what do you think? Isn't she stunning???!!!
This was another favourite she was just lying in the sun and I snapped this. It feels so soft and dream like.

And this was one of the funky pics we took! Sorry the mirror was just crying out for a photo!

Tommorow my english set are going to see the above. We've been studying the book for A level. The film looks rather scary but I have The boy so I can always hide! A busy few days!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. thanks for stopping by.

Loves xxxxxxxx

16 January 2010

A busy weekend...

Again, apologies, I have managed to leave the blog with no new post for several days! eeeekk. anyways..this week seems to have rushed past, the snow is gone sob sob but i do have a two pics I really like taken in the snow when I was at home and which I am now using for my photography...
These were taken with my new lens and I was just playing around with settings. Some turned out awful but others were ok!

This weekend seems to have come round in such a rush it's crazy. I have just got back from doing lots of this....Scottish dancing. Ok, it was more like barn dancing but the picture was pretty! Once a year we have a scottish night run by one of the houses, a band is hired in and all the boarders go into the assembly hall and learn a load of barn dances. It is such a laugh. I danced for two hours with the boy and my feet are now killing! Ha ha!

Tommorow I am having one of these: It's for my back and I am a little bit anxious about it! Looks rather claustraphobic but I am allowed to bring my own music which will be nice. I am bringing some harry potter cos I went on the principle that it will calm me down with "stephen" (Fry) reading it! Prayers would be so greatly appreciated but i'm sure it will be fine!

And then I have a mountain of work...why do essays always seem to be set all in one go? Grr..sorry this is turning into a rant! Lol!

Anyways, I am hoping for another post tommorow, perhaps with more piccy's woooohh! and hopefully more interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxxxxxx

14 January 2010

me is bad blogger.

Happy Thursday.
I am very sorry, I have recently deserted my blog! eeekkk. There is a reason, I promise... I have Been thrown back into school life and realised that perhaps work has to come before blogging every day! grrr....! It's been one weird week cos of the snow. We got back to school ok but everything was slightly chaotic cos there were cars everywhere, trunks, suitcases, you name it. Anywyay that was fine and then my school decided that uniform was suspended for this week cos of the weather, so Monday morning saw the wellies, jumpers and layers and layers of T shirts. Next was the exam which went well. Thank you to so many of you who sent well wishes. Much appreciated.
The week pootled on like that until yesterday when the snow came...It was unreal, in one night we had over 10cm and it was still snowing at midday. It was great fun with school ending early and mass snowball fights! So...with one thing and another blogging has fallen by the wayside! i promise i will try harder next week!
Also, another apology, If I haven't commented on you blog for a while, It's not cos I'm not reading it, just the school system blocks me from commenting on some blogs, no idea why but it's a right pain! i do still love you....promise!
I cannot blog without a photo so here are a few i am using in my art at the moment

I am using pictures of me at christmas over the years and creating a collage type effect using different materials. Very excited about this one.

Anyway thanks for stopping by,

Loves xxxxx

9 January 2010

Coming to the end.....

This can only mean one thing: Back to school packing! Tuck bought, clothes washed, shoes polished etc etc. I am NOT looking forward to the journey tommorow! The normal two hour journey is expected to take 4! Bring on the i-pod and a lot of new songs! lol! school should be fun though cos we are allowed to wear casuals as it is so snowy and cold! I have an exam first morning back which is a bit of a downer but it's only modular so if all else fails I can do it again in the summer!
On a brighter note i have finished the knitted monkey!

isn't he cute! I had great fun making him and he was very easy!

Another thing i am really looking forward to is this:

Larkrise to Candleford. I watched the last series avidly and can't wait for the new one on sunday! It should be brilliant.

Anyway back to school tommorow so blogging will take a bit of a backseat, I am still here though and comments are still welcome!

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxxxxxxx

7 January 2010

The Studio January challenge

Happy thursday!
Hope you have all had fun playing in the snow. This post is for the January challenge at The studio. The challenge is to create a layout with 3 photos, using lots of white space and about something you fear.. if you haven't entered yet do cos it's great fun! Well..this is my layout:
There is such a lot to say about this that I thought I would just take you through the story of making it...bare with me!
Story behind the photos: This page is about The boy and the serious amount of medication he takes because of his asthma. Honestly it scares me so bad. I have never had to take daily medication so seeing someone I love take several inhalers and pills each day is just out of my radar and as a result I freak over it far more than he does ( he is so laid back it's unreal!) journalling reads.."I think I am more scared of your asthma and mediaction than you are. I know you will be fine but seriously, 3 inhalers and pills each day freaks me out!"
To be honest I never, ever scrap with a lot of white space and when I started this layout i found out why...flip is it difficult?! So basically this layout could be how white space freaks me out! But..after serious juggling with page elements I came to this. I wanted to keep a minimal colour scheme and the pictures to stand out. Sorry they are such bad quality but cos of the snow there was no way the pics would arrive in the post n cos of going back to skl, this had to do! You know what I found the hardest? Getting the page to link. Cos of the huge amount of white space I had to make sure the Title looked like it belonged to embellishments hence the leaves and the paper at the top left. Looking at it now though I am really happy with how it turned out. I loved using a long title for once and I loved dabbling with the paint and ink!
I know the pics are awful so here they are how they were supposed to come out if the printer was working grrr....

Sorry but just looking at the amount of meds he takes freaks me out! This is the reason I try and stay away from him if I am ill (much as it annoys me!)

Sorry bit of a long post! Still lots of snow here which is making me happy! Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxxxxxxx

6 January 2010

Happy times from my corner of the world

It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!! yay! I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow inches deep! I was in shock! As I finished a lot of my work yesterday, today was my day off and I have enjoyed getting bright red rosy cheeks and cuddling up in my room to scrapbook. Snow days are the best! Feeling loads better today but am decidedly bunged up grr.....anyways, how about a few piccy's?....Our washing line! This made me laugh!
we've given up on a freezer.
we have done a lot of walking
and baked a delicious spiced pound cake. Perfect on a cold day spread thickly with butter.mmmmhh!
we've done a lot of competitive wii playing on wii sports resort (awesome game by the way!) But I think Theo has the best plan! He wasn't happy to be woken! Lol!

Thanks for stopping by, Have fun playing in the snow!

Loves xxxx