28 October 2015

The first two months

And so the PGCE started. And I subsequently vanished from this little space!
I can't begin to describe what it has been like. I have never been busier in my life, I've never had so much to juggle or think about or plan. I'm also incredibly happy, have made wonderful new friends and now count a late night as any time past 10pm.

I won't apologise for not posting. I knew when I started the course that some things had to give this year and blogging was one of them. I'm now half a term in and feel like i'm finding my feet. I can't promise to post more but now i'm more settled that is my intention!

So, to catch up on the last two months...

Left to right, top to bottom:
-Getting used to being called Miss Beach again. Part of the PGCE is having 'lessons' in uni where we are taught how to teach. Part of the first week was making name badges for ourselves!
-Tea, so much tea is needed to get through this year.
- Creating maps from children's books. Just one of the things we have got up to.
- Harry Potter themed bags from Durham library.
- Going to formal dinner with Tim. The joy of having him up here all the time needs its own post. Suffice to say, it's amazing!
- Maths. Oh, the dreaded maths.

Left to right, top to bottom:
- We have had the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises driving to and from placement school.
- My 23rd Birthday and a wonderful box of teacher's supplies form two of my sweetest friends.
- A new pair of trainers as I get used to learning to teach PE.
- Walks on the beach with lovely new housemates.
- A post placement treat. The illustrated edition of Harry Potter.
- Having our photos taken by my friend for our save the dates. More on that coming soon!

All in all, it has been busy and hectic and oh so much fun. I've missed writing in this space regularly and missed commenting on your blogs. I have been stopping by and gazing in from the sidelines but I'm ready to come back into the blogging world (although it may be baby steps for now!).
Thank you for still stopping and reading my words.