31 March 2011

Inspiration from English

Hi All

The end of term is fast approaching and the moods are turning slightly fragile! I think a lot of people need some time away from school! Including me!

The other day I was sitting in english talking over revision and these four words came up. Besides being very good indicator words for an essay they are also fab words to create something a bit special. I think this may be turning into a layout soon!

Please feel free to copy this and use it for your own use.

Off to finish the packing now and hoepfully the next post you will hear from me will be back at home!

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28 March 2011

Patchwork dreaming

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24 March 2011

17 Secrets


• I should be doing prep now but have finished my coursework so am having a congratulatory ten minutes off.

• Thinking of coursework makes my head implode!

• For the first time in five weeks I have a Saturday off from Sport.

• I am worryingly over excited about this.

• I am ordering my leavers hoody next week.

• But I can’t believe I am ready to leave school

• And is it bad to actually not want to leave yet?

• The incredible weather this week has brightened my days.

• I thrive on sunshine...who doesn’t?

• One of my friends came up to me today and asked me for help on how to start a blog.

• I got rather over excited showing her hundreds of blogs and ideas!

• Being able to do Shimelle’s class again free of charge was the sweetest thing.

• I cannot wait to get ready for the sixth form party on Saturday with the rest of the girlies.

• Getting ready though is nothing compared to the joy of dancing with the boy.

• And speaking of the boy I got asked last night by a year nine if I loved him.

• I said “Yes”

• This post was inspired by this

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16 March 2011


Seven days ago,

One school talent show and an evening of laughter.
fourteen acts.
three finalists.
Four lovely people asked to play in the interval.
together making one incredible band,
All she noticed though was one boy and his guitar.

One boy that made her smile and filled her heart.

Two days later, one picture on facebook....one picture that still gives her butterflies.


P.S One school network system that is driving me insane with periodically blocking by blog!