30 May 2011

My idea of bliss


Back home, in my own bed, good food, hot chocolate and time for me. playing with paper, feeling soft fabric and hearing the clean snip of the scissors. I have so many creative ideas buzzing around my head at the moment and hopefully they will materialise into something that can be posted up here.

For now a document of hands at work doing what I love most (Take that last statment out for revising though!)
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22 May 2011

Snapshots of life


Posts have been thin on the ground lately, revision and work is being piled on and the best this shameful blogger can do is take hundreds of pictures in the hope that she will find a slither of time in which to post them.

Taking Snapshots. A record of a final term at school. A frozen moment of laughter. recording the details.
One day I figure I will look back on these posts and be glad that I took the time to record the memories, take the photos.
Little details of life as an eighteen year old...
Rounders fun with the boarding house
 silly faces, good friends, fresh air. Summer 2011
Pancake making on a sunday afternoon-boarding school style (yes, we were making them on the ping pong table!)
Competitive male dominated table football!
Spending time with this man and forcing him relunctantly into photoshoots!

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11 May 2011

I promise me..

This last term of school I promise me that...

I will take time to do the things I love, I won't stress over the little arguments, the disagreements, the stresses and the chores.
I will appreciate where I am, the people I am around, the comfort of somewhere I know. I will appreciate the pastoral care I get at school.
I will focus on work. I will get the grades I need but I will find time to relax. I'll work and not feel stressed and play and not feel guilty.
I will find the time to go and shop in my favourite places. The small unique shops where I can run my hands over bolts of beautiful fabric.
I will fall more in love with my family. I'll look out for my brothers and not take home for granted.
I will make time for the quirky, the funny and the eccentric.
I will decorate with beautiful paper.
I'll make sure I go to bed with a clear head each night, trying not to worry.
I will find time to snuggle up in bed and read.
I will appreciate the fact that I can see the boy every day. I'll appreciate every moment we have.
I will be creative.
I will worship my God.
I will laugh.

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2 May 2011

The royal wedding

One amazing day, a stunning bride who's dress I love, a very sweet groom "you look beautiful" a crazy amount of people by the palace and TWO balcony kisses. I loved the royal wedding- especially watching it in a room full of girls! there were a few clearing of throats and lots of ooohs and ahhhs.

Here are just a few snapshots from our fun day at school- yes we still had a few lessons!

What did you do to celebrate the wedding?

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