25 April 2010

A busy first week back!

Happy Sunday.
This week has been so busy it's insane. Honestly, it feels like I have been back at school for a month not just a week! Exams are just around the corner and boy do we know it! The work has seriously taken a sharp turn upwards and after waking up at 8.30 this morning just to finish an essay for the next day I am starting to feel worried. We had an RS mock exam on thursday which went pretty well, i just feel i need to get a better essay structure so that means practice, practice, practice! ahhhhh! Also to pile it all on, prefect interviews start soon eeeeeeek!
Anyway enough of my rambling, a few pics to share. I am making a film in photography for my final piece, it is based on water but has lots of text etc and several stills so here are a few I am going to use...All of these were taken in France on rowing camp! Kinda useful, a lot of water about Lol! Anyway, have to go and do some flute practice! ahhh I am faaarrr to busy! Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxxxxxxxxxx

17 April 2010

phewww, been a long time!

Hi All.
Firstly, I am not dead, neither am i stranded in some foreign country. I have just got back from rowing camp! Woooh. It was so amazing. We rowed on the Loir in France. No Computer, no phones, no paper! As a result I didn't find out about this weird ash cloud thing until yesterday when I promptly thanked God that I was travelling by ferry n not plane. If any of u blogging friends are stranded, I am so so sorry, sounds horrible. Lots of prayer needed for that to clear!
Anyway...This i'm afraid has to be a fairly quick post as I am shattered after a nine hour ferry journey and a three hour train journey! N I'm back to skl tomorrow! eeeek!
Flip, I had no idea that the blogging world moves so fast. Away for ten days n came back to find so many blog updates n exciting things like Shimelle's crop party that I had missed! sob sob! Anyway will share a few pics from my trip.
The weather was amazing, lovely n hot, a little bit windy but apart from that fab!
The pontoon...
The beautiful river. It is huge!!!! No chance of crashing! Thank goodness as I steer the boat!
Camp fun!... Me reflected in my friends glasses! love this pic!
Me n my friends in town! (yeah I'm the little one on the end!)interesting depth of field with the boats!

will share more tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by n visiting the bag blogger that I am eeek!

Loves xxxxx

3 April 2010

Let me indulge!

Sorry, I haven't stopped by in a few days! eeeeekk. Revision.... need I say more! Quite happy to say I have achieved quite a lot and in most subjects have got over half way in note taking etc! Day off tomorrow! he he! Easter sunday! Looking forward to it! So..thought i would share an insanely cute video I found the other day. I just love it! It made me happy for quite a long time but took a great deal of finding cos I had watched the video at school and then forgot the name! ahh anyone ever done that? The most frustrating thing!
Reminds me of the boy though..
10. reasons why I love him:
1. He puts up with my strops (which I have to confess are numerous!)
2. Let me into his family.
3. Let's me pretend that one day I will be King (yeah i know the gender thing....!)
4. lets me ring him at crazy hours just so I can say goodnight.
5. sends the most lovely texts.
6. tries to play mario kart Wii with his arms around me.
7. Watched mamma mia with me three times despite the fact that he hates it.
8. doesn't mind laughing at me when I am just plain moody. Normally sorts things out!
9. Got MSN so he could talk to me.
10. Let me kiss in the rain. T, I love you. Thank you xxxx
Soon, another list! wooooh! easter sunday tomorrow! Hope everyone has an awesome day to celebrate that our beautiful saviour has risen! So excited!
Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxx