21 November 2010

At the moment

Happy Sunday!
I thought I would share a few of my crafting exploits with you before I head back to school this evening. Firstly,
I hoped to share this LO with you before the next hols but not quite finished yet! I am scrapping loads of pictures of our holiday in the states! It makes me happy to scrap sunny pics in winter! Its the first time I have used lots of small photos so its a lovely challenge!
I found this tutorial for a paper flower yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out! They are so easy to make!

I am enjoying  playing about with photography. I want to capture an object surrounded by fairy light, hopefully to use as a new blog banner..watch this space!

The fair isle scarf! I am finally getting the idea of using three different balls of wool! I love the effect it creates but my, does it take a long time! I think this is a project to curl up on the sofa with in the christmas holdiays!

So..a little whistle stop tour of my crafting endevours! Hope you have all had a lovely weekend? Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxx

19 November 2010

Exciting news and a winner!

Hi All

I know, it has been a long time! Life really has got the better of me, not to mention stricter and stricter filtering at school! My blog is apprently now under the chategory, of "age restriction"! I know! who guessed crafting was age restrictive! Anyhoo, I wasn't able to post the winner of my giveaway for the blog party. I am at home now for a leave out weekend so.. the winner is...

Miss Smith!

Something lovely will be posted off to you soonish! Can you email your address to met at...abigail(dot)beach(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

I did pick this through random generator, yet can't post the result on my blog! Anyone know how to get a screen shot?

So..this week has been manic. I have an exam in January so essays are coming thick and fast along with history coursework! Managing to keep on top of it but blogging much to my regret has taken a back seat! Apologies, and apologies for not commenting on many blogs, like much else on the school system parts such as comment writing are filtered! I think I need words with out IT department!

 Last weekend we had our sixth form party. We are lucky enough to have an underground sixth form common room so partys are always great fun! I figured the boy hadn't made an appearence recently so...

At this stage my legs were killing me from too much dancing! It was a great night though!

And exciting news....ready???

I have a uni offer from:

So exciting! Its such a good boost and something I can really work towards now! ahhhhh!

Will hopefully do a lovely crafty post tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxxx

8 November 2010

Monday sequence

Hi all.

It's that time of the week again!

This monday sequence theme is fairly easy to get but my challenge for you this week is to put a different twist on your pictures. On the picture above I deliberatley under exposed it to give a far moodier look. On the first picture I edited it with a tight crop to make it more abstract. In the middle picture I played with creaitve depth of field.  I also edited all three on picnik.

Have a go at taking three pictures of your own, either on the same theme, or making them moodier, more abstract or playing with depth of field! Have fun and put a link so we can all enjoy looking!

Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxx

P.S bonus points for someone who can name the "instrument" in the first picture!!!

6 November 2010

Celebrating Blog friendships

Hi All

Thanks for stopping by. You may be here on our lovely blog party hop or maybe here on a whim, either way its lovely to have you!

If you stop by Lizzie of Jo's blogs who are hosting our party there should be a little explanation of whats going on. In a nutshell we are celebrating the friendships we have made through a year of blogging! There are plenty of things to be won and a mystery sentance. The letter to collect from here is...
Collect all the letters from the blog chain to be in with winning a fabby prize!

It is so exciting to be having this blogging party because over the year I have met and got to know so many lovely people. As I am at school (boo hiss) I couldn't make a scrapbook page so instead I thought I would list some of the things I love about blog friendships:

  • I am 18 years old but get wisdom and friendship from so many ladies who have all been through what I am experiencing as a teenager! That is such a blessing!
  • I have become friends with a talented bunch of people who fuel my scrapping mojo and give me ideas when I am a little bit stuck.
  • Through my blog friends I have been encouraged in my crafts, picked up tutorials on how to make wonderful things and ultimatley have been recognised for my scrapbooking which for me is amazing because I have never been able to share scrapbooking with a wider community before!
So.. in the interests of love and craftiness and party time I thought I would do a bit of re-paying! So, I want to share a sweet and quick tutorial, a list of some of my favourite crafting sights, freebies on the web and a little pass the parcel prize so someone else can have some crafty fun!!!

First up. A tutorial.
This bunting is super easy and looks so pretty.
First.. using a large circular object cut out thirty or so circles. This is really easy if you fold your paper as you can cut out two at a time. Its totally up to you how big the circles are but it helps if they are on double sided. I used old sheet music which was printed on both sides.

Set up your sewing machine for large straight stitch. Have the pile of circles next you. Stich down the middle of the first circle and just as it gets to the edge pick up another circle. Don't overlap them but make sure you keep your foot on the pedal. Voila, two circles joined with simple stiching.

Keep going until you have a whole chain of circles. Put up and enjoy!

Next up.. some lovely crafty goodness...

The Color Room: I have just discovered this website. It is really great if you are having a creativity dip. Sketches are made based on colours taken from a photo of an interior. It lifts patterns, palate and shapes!

Poppy Talk: A fab site of handcrafted tutorials, freebies and creative loveliness! 

i-diy: This website is aimed at those who plan to handcraft goodies for their wedding. I promise I am not engaged!!! But it is a fab site just to get craft ideas and contains lots of freebies and printables!  

library card generator: This site creates sweet little library cards that are lovely on a scrapbook page! So much fun even just to play around! 

A few sites just to check out.And finally...a pass the parcel. Simple. Below are five questions. All the answers can be found on my blog. If you get the answers right i'll put your name into the hat and a little something may come your way!  (I am not sure yet what but I promise something pretty and crafty!)

1. what have I made my friends for christmas this year?
2. What blog hop did I participate in about a year ago?
3. Name the title of one of my scrapbook LO's
4. what is my nickname for my other half?
5. What new thing now happens on a monday?

The giveaway closes next Wednesday at 7.00pm GMT! Have fun!

Hope you've enjoyed this little part of the party! Next stop should be Rinda in the U S of A! Safe travels! Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxx