8 November 2010

Monday sequence

Hi all.

It's that time of the week again!

This monday sequence theme is fairly easy to get but my challenge for you this week is to put a different twist on your pictures. On the picture above I deliberatley under exposed it to give a far moodier look. On the first picture I edited it with a tight crop to make it more abstract. In the middle picture I played with creaitve depth of field.  I also edited all three on picnik.

Have a go at taking three pictures of your own, either on the same theme, or making them moodier, more abstract or playing with depth of field! Have fun and put a link so we can all enjoy looking!

Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxx

P.S bonus points for someone who can name the "instrument" in the first picture!!!


JO SOWERBY said...

mmmh a kazoo?
love the pictures abi, hope ur day has included some beautiful music,
Jo xxxx

Miss Smith said...

Beat me to it!

My Kazoo is green and purple. And plastic. It gives my violin a superiority complex.

Great photos!

Clair said...

So glad to (eventually) find your blog through the blog hop. I love, love, love the idea of your sequences and your photography is gorgeous. I'll be back to see more.... x

Sian said...

I know a kazoo when I see one! And a flute - we're listening to quite a lot of flute practising here at the moment with that jump to Grade 6 pieces.

Beautiful photos as always

humel said...

Yup, kazoo :-) Love how you've experimented with your photography here xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, and the kazoo jumped right out at me. My favorite of the three is the last one.