22 May 2011

Snapshots of life


Posts have been thin on the ground lately, revision and work is being piled on and the best this shameful blogger can do is take hundreds of pictures in the hope that she will find a slither of time in which to post them.

Taking Snapshots. A record of a final term at school. A frozen moment of laughter. recording the details.
One day I figure I will look back on these posts and be glad that I took the time to record the memories, take the photos.
Little details of life as an eighteen year old...
Rounders fun with the boarding house
 silly faces, good friends, fresh air. Summer 2011
Pancake making on a sunday afternoon-boarding school style (yes, we were making them on the ping pong table!)
Competitive male dominated table football!
Spending time with this man and forcing him relunctantly into photoshoots!

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Loves xxx


JO SOWERBY said...

glad ur getting downtime as well as revision. love the pic of u and that gorgeous boy :-)0
Jo xxx

Sian said...

You are right - I wish I has a lot more pictures of me when I was your age! I'm glad to see you are having some fun as well as working

Lizzie said...

Great plan! You really will be so pleased you took lots of photos, as this will stick in your mind as a special time in your life, in spite of exams, revision etc.
Hope the revision is going well and that the exam stuff goes smoothly; I'm sure you'll do fine, as you have worked so hard and revised well too.
That last photo of you and the Boy is just lovely!

Beth said...

Love that picture of you and Tim!!

Gunna miss you when you leave hogwarts! <3 xxx