14 February 2012

A little love story

This story starts a few years back. Back in 2008, back when she was 15 and young and very happy go lucky.

They went to the same school and each day she would wave goodbye to him as he sat on the wall waiting to be picked up to go home. Each day she saw him with his purple head phones plugged in, she figured he liked his music, she didn't realise for several months just how much.

She went through a succession of different crushes as only a fifteen year old can. He was pretty shy. Until you got to know him.
She got to know him. She realised that he had a rad sense of humour, that he was thoughtful and mature beyond his years.
They became friends and she tried to sort out things for him in her chatty, laughing, exuberant way. (I don't think it helped much!)

The end of the summer term approached and they headed off for army camp.
Admist the mud and the weapons and the camping and the boots that hurt, they grew closer and she realised that this was a boy who was really rather special.
She got home from army camp and wondered what to do next. As any fifteen year old would she texted him.
He texted her back.
They agreed to meet up.
He took her to a movie and they realised that the feelings were mutual.
He said goodbye on the longest street in Bath as he picked up her hand and kissed it.

And from then on in their love story properly began.

circa: 2009

Since then we have dealt with long distances, with serious exams and uni applications. We have bridged the gap between teenagers and adults. In just four short years a lot has changed yet we still laugh like we did, he is still the mature, kind and funny boy I knew at fifteen and there is still a whole lot of love. I love the beginning of our love story. I love that we were young and that we have grown up as a couple and as people.

Happy valentines day T, here's to another four years!



scrappyjacky said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you both....and hope you share many more together.
Love your story,Abi.

alexa said...

A beautifully written story and touching photos ... may you have many wonderful Valentine's days to come.

a blog full of weldons. said...

thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement and your prayers. it mean so much to me!! what a doll you are :) it's a joy walking life with you!

with love, ang

(ps. you two are SOOOO cute together!!!)

Beverly said...

Abi, This is a post that your granchildren will cherish, I hope you had a nice Valentine's day even if you were apart.

Lizzie said...

Ahhh Abi, that's lovely! I wish you both a very happy 2012 together (and many more!).

JO SOWERBY said...

oh abi, such a gorgeous story about u and the boy. i went on a non-Valentine's date with my best BF who came all the way down from Soton for the night. We laughed all night which was amazing. So glad u have someone, I'm just sad i never did,
jo xxx