25 April 2013

So, here's the thing...

I like instagram.
I like it for more than one reason but here is one...
Without instagram I wouldn't have thought to take a phone on this walk.
I would have looked at my SLR and thought, "no, you are too heavy, lets go without".
And that would have been it. The camera left on the shelf and the phone on the table.

But I didn't. Instead I thought "hey there might be something to instagram on this walk".
Instagram has changed the way I look at these everyday little moments. Yep, it was a walk, it was nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't a big camera moment but it was a phone one.
Maybe it's wrong, but for the sake of an everyday shot my phone came with me on my walk.

I am so glad I did because he's my favourite.


Sian said...

I'm a big big fan of phone cameras..seems so strange to look back on the day when i first saw one. I can remember saying "ooh, is that one of those phones with a camera?"

I'm a big fan of love, too..

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the look in his eyes! And this month, I don't think I've taken any photos with my big camera, but I'm really pleased with the iphone photos I've taken.

alexa said...

I really a, not using my phone camera to its full advantage yet but love what you've done here! You are both gorgeous!

Karen said...

The two of you are just wonderful together! I take a lot of iPhone photos, but forget to open them up in Instagram.