7 May 2013


May, and the weather seems to have at last turned...just in time for exams.

This is what is hot at the moment:

Bastille are quite a popular band at the moment and their music is just great. This is one of my favourites from their album "bad blood".

The time travellers wife. Again. It's a great book folks. Very well written, bit of a tear jerker. I need something I have read before when I have exams. It's the best way to switch off. If its a new read I will stay up too late trying to read too many chapters!

Well who wouldn't be planning if you saw this selection of fabrics in John Lewis?

The truth of the matter is that the only planning happening around here at the moment is revision. Oh so sad but true.

I picked up these sweet  pumps for only £6.00 in New Look the other day. They are super comfy and they have polka dots! What is not to love! Thankfully we are out of the winter woolies but into the stage of "shall I bring a cardigan or not" type of weather. So lots of layering and turned up jeans going on over here. ( As said before, I am not a fashion blogger. I don't know how they do it!)

What are you reading, listening, planning or wearing this month?


Sian said...

Best of luck with that revision!

If we had John lewis here I'd be shopping there all the time..

Sinead said...

Love these Playlist posts :D I too am listening to a lot of Bastille lately, as well as Passenger - I love them! Hope the revising is going ok. And I love the pumps, so sweet! I broke out my pumps for the first time today too...though I think it's still too cold here I'm afraid! The Time Traveller's Wife is next on my to-read list xx

alexa said...

I love these posts, with little snippets of info! Envying you the pretty polka dots but I dare not buy any more shoes. You would be horrified if you knew how many pairs I have ....

Maria Ontiveros said...

I used to read and reread Stephen King during finals because it could totally transport me away from everything else.

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

I think The Time Travellers Wife is my favourite all time book. I never re-read a book, but I think you've prompted me to do so!!

Have got a 'currently' post planned for Friday.

Karen said...

I loved The Time Traveler's Wife much to my surprise. It didn't seem like it would be my "thing." I'm listening to Frank Delaney read his novel, Ireland, which I can heartily recommend! I actually look forward to going on a walk or ironing so I can hear a bit more of it. All my reading now is for our trip.