4 November 2013

Project Life week 43

I'm nearly done catching up. I still love this project but gosh am I itching to get finished now. You project lifers, is this only me or are you too desperate to start fresh in January?

This was week 43 and it was one of those blissful weeks when the photos were abundant!

This was the week when the sun decided to get its act together and we were rewarded with some beautiful crisp Autumn days. We took the big camera out with my lens and snapped a few down by the river.
When I scrapbook with SLR photos I am reminded to take my big camera out more. Phone photos are great but these are something different in terms of quality.
I didn't plan the pages in this way but the left hand page seems to be more people focused whilst the right hand page is the details of the week.

I tried to play around with journalling more this week. Less journalling cards and more writing directly on photos. I am enjoying the combination of script fonts and strong capitals too. In many respects there weren't that many stories to tell this week so the journalling mostly focuses on thoughts and explanations.

Each week I sit down before I get going and source inspiration from around the web. Once I have some ideas I jot them down in my notebook and try and include a few of them in the weeks spread. I saw the hexagon idea and loved the look and am happy with how my attempt turned out. I also played around with some transparent overlays

I like this mini challenge each week and am glad I have found a way to stay inspired. What do you do to keep your levels of inspiration up?

Anything else:
I think next year I am going to try a different template. I have seen a few floating around with square pockets which I think could be perfect for instagrams. Either way I need a change come 2014.

The "magic" transparency was something I made this week and was super easy to do. If you would like to use it drop me an email (the address is in my contact tab on the sidebar) and I can send you the photoshop file that can be dragged over a photo to make the effect!

Week 43. Less than ten weeks left!


Kathy said...

I like reading your blog because it reminds me of the time I would visit Durham. My daughter graduated five years ago, and I spent a lot of time coming up to see her. She was at Aidan's, and in her second year she lived in a little house with an identical view to yours. She had the attic bedroom and you could see the railway bridge from her window.
I'm amazed how much lovely crafting you manage to do while you're at uni!

alexa said...

Lovely to read about your process and was puzzled initially by the reference to finishing! Variety sounds good. I especially like photo of you with your friend.

Sinead said...

Beautiful Abi! I love this spread - the little details like the hexagons and 'magic' overlay are lovely. I admire how you have kept trying different things each week with the project. Isn't it so hard to believe that the year is almost done?! Looking forward to chatting tomorrow x

Ruth said...

I do like how you always add text directly on to photos ~ it looks great.
I need to find the right sort of pen.

Amy said...

I do know what you mean and for me it comes from a design issue and the changes I want to make. What I have found in the latter part of the year is that I don't journal as much and like you in this particular spread, I journal directly onto the photos.

Amy said...

Oh, and hey ... those neutral stripes work well for a journaling space!

Theresa said...

Abi, this may well have inspired me to do this next year. I struggle with even doing a week in the life, but I notice that I do take more photos now I am not an office worker, so maybe..
This is such a lovely set of pages - Autumn is great when the sun shines isn't it.

Karen said...

I love your PL layouts, but even more I love reading your explanations and the thinking behind your work. I think my favorite this week is the Behind the Lens transparency. It's just wonderful!

Sandra said...

Could you just pop around and help me catch up with my PL and make it look anywhere near as good as yours. I'll make sure there is lots of tea and cake x

akilli melek said...

so glad that i found your blog, via shimelle. Love your take on documenting and using imperfect photos.

Unknown said...

Hi, would you please tell me what templates you used for "this week 43" layouts?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that October saying. I'll have to remember it. The Through The Lens is super too, I like that effect.