18 December 2014

Around here- End of term

The end of first term always comes in a flurry of parties, events, carol services and work. I love looking back on those photos though because it documents what a fun and manic time it was.
This was what December at uni looked like for me:

Drinking plenty of tea and eating too much chocolate to aid dissertation writing and chatting over cake in one of our favourite coffee shops.

A secret santa evening with our extended friendship group. We have been doing this now for three years and it is always filled with so much fun and happiness as we watch each other open presents.

I received a lovely Gift from the sweet children at Creche and possibly the best ribbon I have come across. 
Lots of face timing with the boy. I'm so so grateful I can see him every day using my phone. Technology is amazing. 

Durham put on such a show in the last week of term. This was the sunset on my last evening there.
I was accompanied by santa on my four hour train journey home.

The comfort of getting home and curling up in front of the fire. December at its best.

What has the start of this month looked like for you?


Sian said...

I'm hoping to write about my December later today.

Have a wonderful holiday Abi. Get a rest, eat lots..

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like a lovely end to the term....enjoy your christmas break.

ally said...

Have a fantastic holiday

Karen said...

Enjoy your holiday at home! My December so far has been filled with Christmas preparations, and many, many opportunities to spend time with friends over a meal or a cup of coffee. It's one of the best part the of the holiday for me.