3 April 2010

Let me indulge!

Sorry, I haven't stopped by in a few days! eeeeekk. Revision.... need I say more! Quite happy to say I have achieved quite a lot and in most subjects have got over half way in note taking etc! Day off tomorrow! he he! Easter sunday! Looking forward to it! So..thought i would share an insanely cute video I found the other day. I just love it! It made me happy for quite a long time but took a great deal of finding cos I had watched the video at school and then forgot the name! ahh anyone ever done that? The most frustrating thing!
Reminds me of the boy though..
10. reasons why I love him:
1. He puts up with my strops (which I have to confess are numerous!)
2. Let me into his family.
3. Let's me pretend that one day I will be King (yeah i know the gender thing....!)
4. lets me ring him at crazy hours just so I can say goodnight.
5. sends the most lovely texts.
6. tries to play mario kart Wii with his arms around me.
7. Watched mamma mia with me three times despite the fact that he hates it.
8. doesn't mind laughing at me when I am just plain moody. Normally sorts things out!
9. Got MSN so he could talk to me.
10. Let me kiss in the rain. T, I love you. Thank you xxxx
Soon, another list! wooooh! easter sunday tomorrow! Hope everyone has an awesome day to celebrate that our beautiful saviour has risen! So excited!
Thanks for stopping by!
Loves xxxx


Lizzie said...

"Strops"? Abi has strops? Ah well, no-one is perfect!
It's great to have a BF that is kind, thoughtful and generous... I hope he feels the same about you lol!
Have a lovely Easter Sunday - Bless You Abi!

humel said...

Hiya Abi, I've just had a lovely catch-up of your posts after being away - gorgeous pics, especially of the colourful jewellery, and I am loving this sweet post :-) Hope you had a fantastic Easter celebration and that the revision is going well xx