18 January 2011

Crafty room


I'm sorry, I went a bit AWOL! Start of term is always manic and getting back into a routine takes some getting used to after wakes up at 10am in the holidays!

So the term started pretty well. Thrown back into work with a vengance! I have an exam in 9 days time so am revising for that. It is an A2 rather than a re-sit so hopefully if I get a good enough mark that is one less to do in the summer. Cross fingers!

My favourite sport rowing has started this term which is fab! It has rained non stop since we have been back though so the river is very very high. Not much chance of actually coxing then! Instead I help with coaching new rowers, practicing calls on ergo tests and basically being miss motivator!

So... I thought I would post a few pictures of my home touches in my room. Some I made at home, some I made at school. When you are boarding its really important to try and make school feel as homely as possible. As I can't do much crafting at school, I figured I could just fill my room with pretty crafty stuff...

At the end of last term I got really into making these origami peace cranes. They are very easy and very addictive. They would probably look better in pretty scrapbook paper but that was not on hand! i strung them together with cotton and hang them up to float in the breeze by my window. There is a great tutorial here.
I showed these flowers a few posts back. They are so simple to make by layering up circles of paper and then scrunching them. I put a brad through each one and then twisted them around this beautiful twill measuring tape. They hang off my bookshelf.
My creative outlet at school is knitting, This chunky wool is so lovely. I am trying to make a cowl to wear as the weather stays cool. Its knitted on huge needles so should be finished reasonably quickly!

Little touches that make my room mine! I thought just briefly I would also share my latest purchase..
They were a bargin at £10! I bought them for my spring ball (which isn't actually in the spring!) to go with this which was also in the sale...

That is as much as a clue as I am giving now! You will have to wait for the night to see full pictures of the boy and I all dressed in our finery!

Hope you have all had a lovely week. Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxxx


Miriam said...

Hi Abi, such lovely things to look at, thank you, I love the paper cranes and the colour of your 'finery' is lush xx

Rachel Brett said...

The dress colour is very yummy indeed! Which pattern are you using for your cowl? I'm looking to make one too and there are so many out there! A chunky knit sounds quite nice :)

Sinead said...

Love all the little crafty details of you room, i just made a scrappy calendar for my room in college, it makes it so much more homely:) Can't wait to see the dress x

debs14 said...

Lovely mobile of peace cranes, I'm inspired to have a go myself.
Good luck with the exams! We had a fire bell go off during an Economics A level last week - that was fun - hope yours are less eventful!

scrappyjacky said...

Some lovely items to make your room more homely,Abi. Really love those cranes.

humel said...

Good luck with your exam! I'm loving your shoes - can't wait to see the full outfit :-) And I love all the little creative touches in your room, too xx

Anne said...

I especially love the peace cranes - I'm going to have a go at making some of those later!