1 January 2011

Favourite photos of 2010-part 3

Happy New Year!

Wow! 2011. This is going to be a big year for me. I finish school, start my gap year, get my A2 results and figure out where I am going to go to uni! scary but very exciting!

So...this is the last part of my run through of the pictures of the year. Hope you have enjoyed it.
The end of a school year and cooking week. I am proud to say I made this cake on my own including the rose! Not so sure if i would still be able to make it now though!
Another candid picture. Love snapping these and I like the angle on this one.
Shimelle's class. LYPLYP. I met so many people, had fun taking loads of photos and really relaxed after a lot of exams!
Over the summer we went to a history live day. The littlest loved playing with a collection of weapons! I really like the depth of field on this picture.

More pictures from Shimelle's class. This was the hardest challenge for me. Shooting out of my comfort zone. I decided to therefore shoot in black and white and try and not take pictures of people.  So hard!
Our amazing summer holiday to Washington D.C. I have literally hundreds of pictures of this amazing and very hot place but thought I would just share two.
Outside our rented house. Houses in America are huge!
A highlight of the holidays. Soul survivor. 5 days of camping, worshiping and praising God. Epic. Photo credit to the boys dad!

Start of a new school year and the biggest change of all. Head girl and a wealth of responsibility! It was so weird going back to school and knowing it was the last year. So far it has been great fun, very tiring but so rewarding as well.

I can't remember when I took this picture but it is one of my favourites from a great photo shoot!

Autumn fast approached and this is a favourite of my parents together.

Another favourite that for a while became my blog header. The Autumn light just can't be beaten.

We found a rope swing quite near our house and I have a whole folder of pictures of us swinging on it! Great fun!
And so we got to December, frost snow and christmas.

Can't wait to do this in a years time and see what pictures come up! Thanks for stopping by.

Loves xxxxx


scrappyjacky said...

You've taken some amazing photos through the year,Abi.
Happy New Year to you.

Rachel Brett said...

Fantastic pictures Abi. Hope you had a good christmas and happy new year to you :)

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful photographer, Abi, and these photos also tell a great story of your year.

Sinead said...

Love all the pictures Abi, such a good idea to summarise the year through photographs:) Happy new year! x

Miriam said...

Abi, more gorgeous photos! I love the last one so much. Thanks for sharing all these with us, Happy New Year to you.

humel said...

Superb photos, some of which I recognise (and it's lovely to see them again), some I don't (and it's lovely to see them now!)

It's a big year for you indeed - all best wishes for 2011 xx