24 March 2011

17 Secrets


• I should be doing prep now but have finished my coursework so am having a congratulatory ten minutes off.

• Thinking of coursework makes my head implode!

• For the first time in five weeks I have a Saturday off from Sport.

• I am worryingly over excited about this.

• I am ordering my leavers hoody next week.

• But I can’t believe I am ready to leave school

• And is it bad to actually not want to leave yet?

• The incredible weather this week has brightened my days.

• I thrive on sunshine...who doesn’t?

• One of my friends came up to me today and asked me for help on how to start a blog.

• I got rather over excited showing her hundreds of blogs and ideas!

• Being able to do Shimelle’s class again free of charge was the sweetest thing.

• I cannot wait to get ready for the sixth form party on Saturday with the rest of the girlies.

• Getting ready though is nothing compared to the joy of dancing with the boy.

• And speaking of the boy I got asked last night by a year nine if I loved him.

• I said “Yes”

• This post was inspired by this

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Sue said...

Lovely - what is a leavers hoody?

Lorraine said...

You inspired me - http://thevuefromhere.blogspot.com/2011/03/7-random-facts-about-me.html

scrappyjacky said...

Love these random facts,Abi....have a great party.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a lovely new self-portrait! And I love your list of secrets.

Lizzie said...

That is a sweet list, Abi! So full of fun, enjoyment, optimism... with a little bit of natural hesitancy thrown in for good measure. It's very natural to be a bit unsure about leaving school, even as you're also excited about the future. School has been part of your life since you were so little; I don't know when you started at your current school, but you'll have been there at least 2 years, probably 7 years, maybe longer? A good chunk of your life... next year will be a new experience and a big change. I'm sure you'll handle it with your usual aplomb, but of course you're a bit apprehensive.
But isn't it exciting that you've finished your coursework, you're getting your Leavers' Hoodie soon, you're half way through the last year of school, next year you'll be a University Student(!), soon it will be the 6th Form Dance, you'll be able to dance with The Boy... who you love so much.
I think life sounds good - enjoy yourself!

sharyncarlson said...

What a fun blog post! I think I'll try something like this, too! PS - what is the secret to great selfies in the mirror?! Mine never turn out as nice.

JO SOWERBY said...

this is so sweet abi and no its not bad to want to stay at school. i can imagine u girlies getting ready for the party and seriously, why wouldnt u love the boy hes the best.
Jo xxx

humel said...

Lovely post, Abi :-) And gosh, yes, it's very natural to have mixed feelings about leaving school - mingled excitement and reluctance is the norm I think! xx

Miriam said...

I love your hair like that Abi, of course it's natural to have mixed feelings, change is difficult for a lot of people. Love your secrets x

Rachel Brett said...

Great list Abi, Hope you had a good weekend :)