31 March 2011

Inspiration from English

Hi All

The end of term is fast approaching and the moods are turning slightly fragile! I think a lot of people need some time away from school! Including me!

The other day I was sitting in english talking over revision and these four words came up. Besides being very good indicator words for an essay they are also fab words to create something a bit special. I think this may be turning into a layout soon!

Please feel free to copy this and use it for your own use.

Off to finish the packing now and hoepfully the next post you will hear from me will be back at home!

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

ah yes i remember them well. not only for my personal essay writing but when i taught 6th form students. have a gr8 trip home and see u here in blogland more often?
Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Lovely insipirational photo! Thank you for letting us share it.
Those words came up at DH's Parents' Evening... the maths teacher, the science teacher, the english teacher, the french and german teachers... all used those to describe DS... he was blushing a lot by the end!

You are so lucky to be breaking up today... DS has a whole week left to the end of his term - and you're right, everyone Needs a break!

humel said...

Good luck with that revision! And safe travels back home :-)

PS Thanks for sharing the lovely photo! xx

Miriam said...

Gorgeous picture Abi x

Anonymous said...

This is a great combination of story, photo, and word art...thanks for sharing.

Rachel Brett said...

Sounds good! Look forward to seeing the layout :)

Fab new blog header btw :)