11 May 2011

I promise me..

This last term of school I promise me that...

I will take time to do the things I love, I won't stress over the little arguments, the disagreements, the stresses and the chores.
I will appreciate where I am, the people I am around, the comfort of somewhere I know. I will appreciate the pastoral care I get at school.
I will focus on work. I will get the grades I need but I will find time to relax. I'll work and not feel stressed and play and not feel guilty.
I will find the time to go and shop in my favourite places. The small unique shops where I can run my hands over bolts of beautiful fabric.
I will fall more in love with my family. I'll look out for my brothers and not take home for granted.
I will make time for the quirky, the funny and the eccentric.
I will decorate with beautiful paper.
I'll make sure I go to bed with a clear head each night, trying not to worry.
I will find time to snuggle up in bed and read.
I will appreciate the fact that I can see the boy every day. I'll appreciate every moment we have.
I will be creative.
I will worship my God.
I will laugh.

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Cheri said...

what a very inspiring post! I hope you are able to keep your promises to yourself.

Anonymous said...

lovely post. great promises! good luck.

Lizzie said...

This is a wonderful list of Promises to Yourself, Abi! I hope you manage to keep them (most of the time). Stress is a huge problem when you're trying to study hard, so dealing with the problems that cause the stress, before it gets to you, has to be the best idea! I wish you a fun, happy and hard-working term, with lots of little interludes in which to enjoy those things and people you love.

JO SOWERBY said...

hope things r going well with revision and exams so far. take care and if u fancy some time out u can email me,
Jo xxx

Rachel Brett said...

That is a lovely post Abi :)

Jo said...

A lovely post and I hope you achieve it all

Miriam said...

This is lovely Abi, I too hope you achieve it all but mostly, be happy x