18 September 2011

Blogging from the heart.


The other day Stephanie Howell posted this and it got me thinking. I loved the fact that she felt able to post things from her heart, real life everyday things. It is all too easy really to think that a bloggers life is perfect just because they leave out the nitty gritty. So, here, I will say it now, is my nitty gritty, quirky and downright mad thoughts from the heart! You have been warned!

1. If I am being honest I find it hard that my friends are moving away to university and I am on my gap year. In a strange sense it feels like I am on page one and they have all moved on.

2. I know the above is irrational because God has placed me in this school for a reason and therefore my moving on to here is just as significant as my friends moving to university.

3. I never realised how many cups of tea a teacher can drink.

4. I also have noticed that within a day there are so little breaks that on average I visit a loo twice. In one day. Mad I know!

5. My faith has got stronger since I have started working. I think moving out of a christian environment had a lot to play on this.

6. Several children have now asked me if i have my own house. I can't decide if this a need for concern on my part of just the general ignorance of children on the amount of money a teenager has!

7. I cannot wait for payday.

8. The boy and I are moving into our fourth year together and I couldn't be more excited.

9. I have had two awkward conversations with children in the space of a day.
No. one went something like this. A little girl who is a twin turned to me and said "Miss Beach how are two babies made?"
No two. A different child was talking at supper and said "but its impossible to be pregnant if you are not married!" I didn't even try to explain why it wasn't.

10. It is my birthday in six days and yes, I am still overly excited despite the fact that I will be 19!

11. Despite being a working women and getting paid and having responsibility but sadly not a house (see 6.) I still don't feel grown up!

What is on your heart today?

Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxx


JO SOWERBY said...

praying that my meeting will go well tomorrow, hoping that my friend luke will get through this week,
jo xxx
loving the stories from school, maybe this should be a regular blog thing!!

scrappyjacky said...

Yes....stories from school sounds like a great series.

Beverly said...

You should keep a journal of the things children say...you will definitely hear some funny, odd and astounding things. Just remember not to believe everything they say about their parents and pray their parents don't believe everything they say about you ;)
On my heart...feeling overwhelmed at all I have to get done while having tied myself up with sub jobs and meetings. Wanting to be a homebody after a summer of many trips but looking at the calendar knowing I can't be. Trying to figure out what is bothering my soul...I am having very, very intense, vivid dreams and this only happens when something is bothering me ;/

shire said...

just want to say: I love your blog!
Greetings from Germany