25 September 2011

Why I love Autumn

Autumn has to be my favourite season. There is something magical about the colours, about the crisp coldness of the mornings and the promise of warming fruity puddings.

Autumn will forever have me in its grip simply because of the beautiful afternoon light.

Autumn also signifies the harvest, the collecting of summers riches. Large cooking apples, dark blackberries and sweet berries. Foods that make me feel especially british and homeley!

Autumn means warm layers, knitting in the evenings and thick socks.

Autumn brings more time to craft and create. I will have the time to make a new quilt whilst sitting in the lounge watching the return of Downton Abbey.

Autumn is sitting snuggled up on a sunday afternoon with a good book.

Autumn in a strange sense is often seen as things coming to a close after the summer but in other ways it signifies new beginnings. A new school term, a new job, new craft ideas and a change to what we eat.

Autumn is definitley my favourite.

What about you?

Loves xxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

i am loving the autumnal shades of the leaves and hope they stay dry so i can play in them, i know 45 going on 4 xxxx. i have had some blackberries and although i would love a crumble i have to be abit careful as i am on a diet. loving the shades of warm tights and want some burgundy and mustard ones please. gonna make a new scarf from that special wool you get which makes its own ruffles. i too adore downton abbey and am soooooooooo hoping lady mary gets the right man,
jo xxxxx

Sian said...

Autumn? It's my very favourite time of year. I love getting out my boots and woolly jumpers

Lizzie said...

Such a nice post, Abi. I also love autumn and, like you, I feel it's a time of new beginnings too. I usually make some "New Year Resolutions" in September - in many ways they seem more relevant at this time of year.
I love the colours, the crisp morning air, the cheerful sunshine on warm autumnal afternoons, but also the smokey bonfires, the piles of red and gold leaves, the nip in the air that warns you summer is over (sad but also nice). The routine always changes in autumn and gets "back to normal" really, after the laziness of summer. There does seem to be more time to do things in the evenings.
Hopefully the autumn weather will not affect my mum's health this year and she will stay ok into the winter-time, so we can all enjoy the changing seasons and glorious colours!
Happy Autumn Abi!