27 December 2011

Favourite photos//moments of 2011.

This is a tradition I started two years ago and totally love; looking through my albums to find my favourite pictures or memories of this past year.

So...we kick off in January 2011- which incidently only feels like yesterday.

The snow came thick and fast and we enjoyed plenty of family walks.

 My christmas present that year was a lomo camera. Amazing for shots like this.

I can't remember when this was taken but the view of the valley is stunning.

I made another skirt.

 A big crafting landmark for me- my first quilt. I also love the depth of field on this picture.

 One of my all time favourite photos of me and my brothers. It also documents that spell of crazy hot weather we had in spring.

 The royal wedding. I loved this. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful bride and so much fun.
I love this photo because I just love these girls.

Our annual trip to Nantes for rowing camp over Easter. My thrid and final trip. I love the size of this candy floss-amazing!

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Part 2 to come.


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