28 December 2011

Favourite Photos//moments of 2011

So, the next installment in my favourite photos of 2011.

Easter term brought much laughter and friendship.

You knew the boy had to make an entrance soon! I love this picture because it documents his passion for music and his passion for God.

 The end of our time as a christian union. So much fun and a little sad.

 One of my favourites of us.

 Not a favourite moment at all. The revision dominated that term.

Doing a photo shoot for this happy couple was such fun.

One of the only days of summer weather. This picture sums it up really.

Enjoying spending the last few days as a year group.

Family photos during half term. These turned out so well.

2011 spelled lots of ending. This is a picture of one of the last races I coxed.

The trunk being packed for the last time. A very poignant picture.

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scrappyjacky said...

You've taken some great photos this year,Abi.