19 February 2012

An old bag

No, I am not being rude. This really was an old thrifted bag that I was given by someone who was intending to throw it away.

After some thought I figured that it could be made respectable again.

Thankfully it was quite soft leather so there wasn't too much complaining from my sewing machine. I started by cutting out the old lining and making a new one with some pretty fabric.

I sewed this into the bag and then had the issue of unsightly stitching along the top of the leather. Next step then, adding new edging and handsewing this in place on the inside.

I also added edging to the top of one pocket where the handle had been ripped out. The edging covers the rip and holds the handle in place again.

Result- one pretty, big, second hand, basically free bag. I see more projects of this kind coming on! I am thinking possibly accents in lace?

Thanks for stopping by


JO SOWERBY said...

clever you, so lovely to see ur well loved bag get some tlc,
jo xxx

Sian said...

I love that you were brave enough to give this a go on your sewing machine - it was totally worth it!

Lizzie said...

That's a great project! And if it's a real leather bag, you have certainly got a real bargain there - the cost of a couple of hours' work and a bit of fabric, for a "new" leather bag - brilliant!

Beverly said...

That bit of work was definitely worth it :)

Amanda said...

Wow I love the new lease of life you have given to this bag. Such a shame if it had been thrown away. Good made a fantastic job of it.