26 February 2012

Right now

We haven't had a right now for a while so here is what is happening in the land of Miss Beach...

Right now,

-I am embracing and loving curly hair. My hair is naturally curly. I have fought it for most of my teenage years. At the age of nearly twenty I have decided that the hair will win and I will embrace the curls instead. I am loving them.

-I am amazed how quickly this term has flown by. It is nearly easter. Amazing.

-I have been seeing so many beautiful crochet projects on pinterest and am regretting the fact that I never learnt to crochet. I want to try soon. Does anyone know a good tutorial for an absolute beginner?

-I am excited for spring and spring fashion. I am ready to ditch the coat and embrace the layering, in particular florals and lace. Love this combination. (Incidently if anyone sees a link to the lace top, please send it my way, I am trying and failing to find one similar!)


-I am feeling very settled work wise and know that teaching is something I want to persue.

-I am enjoying embroidery again. I saw a similar project on pinterest and decided to take up my needle and thread. To me embroidery is a step towards spring- getting away from the bulky knitting to the softer canvas.

-I am planning ideas for my room at home one of which includes this...

-I want to make a new skirt. I will make a new skirt.

-I am enjoying finding pictures on my camera I had forgotten I had taken. Anyone else do that? No. It's just me then!

 What is happening with you right now?


JO SOWERBY said...

i found some cool youtube crochet videos by an american guy but cant remember his site now. only problem is you have to remember uk and usa crochet stitches are different. in the end i just got myself a little book from my wool shop for a few pounds with the basic stitches and then started with attic 24s blog for some simple ideas and clear photo tutorials.
i am doing stitching of all kinds and made my new picture today at millie moon,
jo xxx

Beverly said...

Enjoyed catching up with you, Miss Beach. I never could pick up crocheting and knitting but I have no doubt we will be seeing the end results of your crocheting by the end of spring :)