24 March 2012

Life as I know it.


The blog break really wasn't intentional. It was a combination of the end of term and lack of sleep. But.. I am back with a vengeance and this is life as I currently know it...


I am not a runner. I do not run, but, I have two friends who do. So naturally I was encouraged pushed into going with them. And, believe it or not, I enjoyed it (not so much after a day of being unable to bend my knees!). So, the long and short of it is, in these beautiful sunny spring afternoons, I have been running. The most so far is four miles, which I think for a novice is pretty good.

Incidentally I was chatting to the boy about the benefits of running and why he chooses to run. He says it is the only time he can actually think about nothing and clear his head. I run because it gives me time to think and I can fill my head with music. What do you know...chalk and cheese.


The end of term brings sweet gifts to teachers and none more so in the spring than flowers. I have no problem with this except my finger, rather than being green, is black. Yep, dead flowers. But, I kept them alive for a week and enjoyed the colour it brought to my room. You can never have too many daffodils.

The end of a term.

Five words. This is our washing pile.


After three years of seeing my littlest brother not revise whilst I slogged away over the easter break, it gives me great satisfaction to see a reversal. I will not be smug, I will not be smug, I will not be smug (because it will all change next year.. uni.)

Nail varnish.

Nothing is nicer than a new nail varnish, no? especially in a shocking colour. This was met with dissaproval by the parents. I look at my hands and feel happy. This is surely a good thing.

Home baking.

Scratch the last bit about nail varnish. There is nothing nicer than coming home to cake cooling on the side.

Sun, sun sun.

What is up with our springs in this country? They are just glorious! I am astounded by the good weather. Loving wearing a t-shirt without a cardigan, rejoycing in the back door being left open all day and smiling every time I hear the sound of a cricket ball making contact with the bat. Amazing.

Bleaching T shirts.

I found this tutorial on A beautiful Mess. It is so easy and so effective. I have spent most of my day in the sun messing around with bleach. For fifty pence, this is genius.

This is life as I know it nearing the end of March. What has your month brought you?

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Beverly said...

Awesome to see you, Abi, I love your self portrait (and the nails and I am probably older than your parents, beats black lol) I think at 4 miles you qualify as a runner! We barely had a winter in the Southern US and spring is here in all her glory :)

Lizzie said...

Cool nail polish... and as Beverly said, at least it's not black!
Not so cool washing pile... I hope everyone is helping to get through it!
Lovely flowers and great cake photo. But my favourite is the gorgeous self-portrait at the bottom - Abi smiling, happy and pretty (with fab turqoise nails!).
Great post, Abi - have a lovely holiday break!

boysmum2 said...

That bleaching idea is quite good, amy have to try it this summer