27 March 2012

Tutorial Tuesday- how to change a dress into a skirt.


Another tuesday and another tutorial. This is probably the most simple tutorial I have posted and has such fab results.

A few years ago I bought this dress. A few years later the dress no longer fits me. But.. it is the most gorgeous material and there is a lot of it. So... in about half an hour I made it into a skirt.

1. Cut the top off your dress. Aim to cut it fairly high so there is plenty of material left to play with.

2. You should now have a circle of fabric with a seam and hemmed. That is two jobs you won't have to do. All you need to do is make a waistband.

3. To neaten up the raw edge you have just cut, very quickly go along it with a zig-zag stitch. It stops it from fraying.

4. Turn the skirt inside out and grab your elastic. You will need to fold the top of the skirt over to make a tunnel for the elastic. Very easy, measure it up and pin, making sure your tunnel is the same width all the way around the skirt.

5. With a straight stitch sew up along the bottom of the tunnel. MAKING SURE YOU LEAVE AN OPENING FOR THE ELASTIC.

6. Grab your elastic and attach a nappy pin to one end. Start feeding your elastic through the tunnel, letting the fabric gather.

7. Making sure you are holding the end of the elastic tightly, try your skirt on and pull the elastic to the required size. Cut and sew the ends of the elastic together.

8. Turn the right way around and put on your new skirt making sure the gathers are even.

If the dress has been made up initially in a circle, making the tunnel could be tricky. Don't worry if the material gathers under the sewing machine foot as it will be gathered anyway when the elastic goes through!

If you want to change the length, cut it off the hem.

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Lizzie said...

This is very pretty, Abi - I'm not surprised you didn't want to let that dress go, it's lovely fabric.
A trick for the elastic - put a large safety pin on either end.
You can use it to feed the elastic through the casing (slot/tunnel), then you can fasten the pin to the waistband while you try on the skirt.
Then, holding the second safety pin firmly, fold the elastic and put the pin into it, where you want the waistband to finish.
Then you can pin it together with this loose safety pin, while you tack or handsew the elastic together.
I always leave about an inch (2.5cm) or a bit more, of overlap, then stitch at both ends of this, so the elastic is flat and strongly connected - no risk of embarrassing "incidents" then!

Great tutorial and lovely results Abi - thanks for the clever idea!

JO SOWERBY said...

love it Abi,
Jo xxx

Beverly said...

great recycling :) I love how you have actual instructional text on the photos and the end result photo is fab!