29 March 2013

Around here- March edition

This is what life has looked like in March. Enjoying cuddling with this silly creature, folding, cutting, hammering and weaving. Drinking copious amounts of tea after coming home, trying to take photos of animals and experiments with my new graphics tablet.

My around here photos are the photos that get left behind. The ones that are left on the memory card or never made it to the blog post. They are imperfect, the exposure is often wrong but they capture now. This month.

What would be your picture for the month?


Fiona said...

Cute little paw pads!! They always make me smile

Maria Ontiveros said...

I adore that first photograph - so sweet. And there's something calling to me in those teapots as well. Thanks for sharing,

Karen said...

I love the variety of these photos, and especially like the one of the weaving.