2 April 2013

Project life week 13

There has been a lot of project life on the blog in the last few days so I will keep this short and sweet!

So many to choose from this week what with Easter and visiting a national trust property. I also wanted to include my new graphics tablet and the project life cards. As well as throwing in a few instagram shots!

I wrote a large card with journalling about the project life set. I like the effect of including an instagram on the text card. I wrote about the graphics tablet, about Easter and a really funny story about the photo that shouldn't have been taken. (I hope to post this story on the blog soon because it is a good one!)

I wrote directly on several photos with my own handwriting. I am loving this effect so I'm sure it will grace more pages in the next few weeks. I also added a calendar page to a blurred photo and set it to transparent.

Anything else: 
I used a few of my favourite actions on the photos on the right hand page. For a set like this, the snapshots of my family weren't doing much in colour- there was too much going on in the photos. I therefore used this wonderful black and white action on them. I also added a cross processed action on the photos of my brothers. It often gives a photo a bit of pop.

I made my first insert this week. I wanted to included some of my favourite lenten instagrams complete with their relevant Pslam or Proverb. I will include this with some text between weeks 13 and 14.

Hoping your week and Easter weekend has been lovely and not too cold! Where is Spring friends?!


Beverly said...

I love that you share your process with us, Abi and I am soooo jealous of your graphics tablet!!! You have such a beautiful handwriting.

Karen said...

Great pages again. I used to use the Coffee Shop actions a lot, but now I find myself using the Pioneer Woman Actions most frequently. They do make a big difference for some photos!