17 April 2013

Project Life week 15- the process

Week 15 and I thought it would be fun to share a little of my process.
To start let me say that I am fully taken with first the project and secondly the digital way of doing it. That is not to say that I don't like the paper version but for me and my life at the moment, digital PL is working well.

First up, normally on Sunday evening or Monday morning, I sit down and work out the photos for the week. I store my photos on iPhoto by month so just upload straight off the memory card and into there. It's pretty easy to remember which ones were taken on the last week.

I also open up ink 361 and save all my instagrams from the last week into iphoto too. These two processes give me a pretty good idea of how many and what photos I am dealing with that week.

Apart from this week which I will talk more about in a bit, I don't plan my pages. I open a photo and make a few decisions. Where is it going to go on my layout (small photo or big), does it need added detail like a wrap around tag or a bit of handwriting or does it need a separate journalling card to fill in the story.

I then go through the same process with the journalling card. Which card best fits the photo tends to be the general train of thought- nothing too scientific over here!

I then work out where the spaces are and fill them with either a pop of colour, a sentiment or a quote.

Sometimes I am stuck for space and then I will add normally an instagram to a journalling card as I have this week, or crop a few photos and add them to a 6x4. If I want a photo to make an impact I spread it across several slots as I did last week.

I tend to work on it over an hour or so. I don't really like leaving a page and coming back to it although that inevitably sometimes happens!

This week though was different. My uni friends were down for the week and I met up with several other friends and the boy. I therefore had lots of pictures and lots of things I wanted to journal. I decided the only way to work it out was a plan. I plugged in spotify, got out the graphics tablet and worked something out.

I am happy with how it turned out. I don't think I would do it every week but it was fun to chronicle each day like this. I also like how the pages run on from one another.

So, nothing extraordinary about my process but it works for me.

If you do project life, what is your process like?


Sian said...

An interesting and intriguing read for a non-Project Lifer like myself!

Sinead said...

Great post Abi, I love how your spread turned out this week, and thanks for sharing about the process! Glad you had a good week - catching up with friends is so important :) xxx

Karen said...

Like Sian, I am a non-Project Lifer, but I really enjoyed reading about the process. Thanks for the link to ink 361--good to know about.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting reading about your process. The spread looks really good. Did you make those daily journal tags? I like the look of them.