22 May 2013

Project Life week 20

Week 20 sounds exciting doesn't it?! Last week never got posted and that is ok, it got made and that is the main thing.

This is what my last week looked like...

Not a huge number of photos this week but a nice mix of instagrams and big camera photos. I like it when i get a mix. I am gutted that I forgot to include a rad photo of a cup of tea that I instagrammed at the weekend. Ah well, I'm sure it will grace the blog sooner or later! The aztec pattern is something I have been working on in quiet moments. If I get an iphone (which will hopefully be this summer with a contract renewal) I hope to get this pattern printed into an ace cover.

Quite a bit this week. I wrote about our walk to observatory hill on a beautiful evening, about the start of the exams and about how I have become oddly creative during the last week. I also added a few bits and pieces on several photos.

Nothing too out of the ordinary this week. I feel this week looks a bit flat which I'm a bit sad about but i  guess that it is swings and roundabouts. Some weeks I love it and some I don't. I did use that great watercolour brush in white to surround the feather tag photo. I like this effect a lot as it is something I would probably do in the paper version.

Anything else: 
I am really enjoying using this set of free project life cards with the cute camera motif. I'm sorry, another blurred out photo this week. This is my exam timetable. I really enjoy including details like this and know that it will be fun to look back on in coming years. Obviously it has personal details and as some of the exams haven't happened yet I guessed it was best to blur it!

So that is week 20 in a nutshell. I am loving this documentation of my life.


Sinead said...

Hi Abi,
I love this week as always, and the iphone case is going to be AMAZING!
Massive apologies for not replying to your lovely email yet...things have been insanely busy - and my inspector has not yet arrived which is killing me!! I promise that I will have a message coming your way sooner rather than later. I hope the exams are going well.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I always love seeing your Project Life, Abi, and I am loving those aztec patterns and feathers and gold pen so much. It's a great spread this week.

Barbara Eads said...

Lookin' good! I still am impressed that you are able to keep up with it on a weekly basis. I can barely keep up monthly.

Amy said...

Oh well done for reaching Wk 20 - I am very excited at the prospect myself! I have heaps of photos this week which is quite a change from the last month or so when I've relied on enlargements and web images to fill things out appropriately.

Do you see this continuing next year? I am really inspired by the format and love how it seems to catch so many details even though I know I am not journaling in the same way as I would on a regular scrap page.

Thanks for the freebie link too! :)

Abi said...

Thanks Amy. Yeah, I think I see this continuing. I love the format and as you say I like capturing the detail of it. I think I might write a post on half way thoughts of project life! xx

Lea Lacoste said...

Hey Abi! I've been trying to send you emails about Sian's swap but didn't get an answer! could you send me an email at lea.lacoste @ ymail.com ??

Ruth said...

I've just had a lovely wee catch-up. Embrace the monotony of PL ~ it shows exactly what life is like: a steady line of routine, interspersed with peaks and troughs (although hopefully not too many troughs!)

Sandra said...

Looks fabulous, I'm 4 weeks behind but hopefully no for long. I like that you mix big camera photos with Instagram - at the moment I keep forgetting to use anything other than my iPhone camera

Unknown said...

Awesome filler cards you made for this weeks layout. Woohoo. You made it to week 20! That is fab.