11 August 2013

four ways to use instagram

More holiday photos to come but for now I'm chatting about my favourite little app. 

I love instagram and am always trying to find new ways to utilise it.
Yep, it's so great for photo sharing and I am always honoured and touched when blog friends request to follow me.
But I think it can be used for more than just the sharing aspect so here are four ways I have used instagram.

1. Creating a broader "image" for your blog. 
There are many ways to promote a blog but I have found instagram really helpful in honing my online voice and portraying what I want the blog to stand for. My blog contains links to instagram and my instagram profile has a link to my blog. In that way the two can work in tandem and instagram can become an extension of what you are trying to portray in writing.
For instance I like the idea of writing about everyday moments. When instagramming I try and photograph everyday moments. The two can work together.
Instagram can also give a bigger image of who you are as a person. It's really just another dimension to your blog. You could think of instagram as an extended "About" page.

I know some of you use instagram for purely personal reasons and are not connected to your blog. Totally cool. This is just what I find helpful to think about! 

2. Goal Setting
Put something out on instagram and you are accountable.
I tried this last summer by stating on instagram that I wanted to complete a quilt within three days. The fact that people were virtually watching my progress was a good spur to keep going.
A few big bloggers use this technique for goal setting with "mile a day" hashtags as an example.

3. Photo Journal
Whilst on holiday I banned myself from facebook and blogging but I allowed myself to post instagram each day. The reason was simple. I wanted to have a record of phone photos with my thoughts from that day. I knew my comments with the pictures would be a really accurate representation of my thoughts and description of that particular day. I didn't want to wait till I got home to try and pair photos with words or try and work out the chronological order of my photos.
Whilst on holiday instagram was used really for my own benefit to store and record the events.

4. Storytelling
Instagram photos are great prompts for blogging, scrapbooking or project life. Stuck for a blog post? Go back through your instagrams and ask yourself if there is a bigger story behind any of the photos.
Instagram can also be used the other way around. If you know there is a story that needs to be told, snap a picture that is relevant and then later pair the photo and story together.

I love hearing and seeing new ways to use instagram. How do you use this app?


alexa said...

I really need to work out just what it does first - I still haven't really gathered this! It's interesting to read about extending its use and I can see you ar right at the forefront .

Lou said...

As i only hooked up with IG a week or so ago..I have found it great for recording and remembering all the little things that might not necessarily make it onto a blog post. I can see how it can help/prompt me to create a blog post too. I have even considered how it would help with a PL album. I much prefer it to fb! Good to read how you use it too and I loved seeing your holiday photos Abi x

Sian said...

A persuasive post! I have yet to be converted ..mainly because I think it would be something else to keep up with and I haven't enough hours in the day. But I like your perspective

Beverly said...

Great ways to use IG, it had not crossed my mind to have it work with the blog and the accountability would be definite if I put something out there. I find I am catching more unexpected ot unplanned moments since my phone is always handy. I love that IG is quick and doesn't seem the time sucker that blogging and facebook can absolutely be.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

A great post, Abi, and I nodded in agreement for the entire read. Instagram is my FAVORITE and most used app on my phone. I love that it documents little details of life and keeps me connected with my friends in a way that is different to Facebook and/or blogging.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I also use instagram to create facebook posts. I've also decided to start using it as a way to create my month in numbers post. I go through my instagram posts that I want to share on my blog but didn't quite make it as a separate post.

boysmum2 said...

Not got into instagram, but always interested to see what others are doing with different apps. usually leads to me taking a further interest and eventually joining in!

Anonymous said...

I really found your post thought provoking as I really underuse instagram. Not having an iPhone I'd have to lug my iPad around all the time but you've got me thinking about ways to use it.

Mel said...

I am in danger of becoming an insta addict! Because you can't have enough baby pics with a retro filter! I only joined recently but do use it to promote my blog too and I love thinking of funny hash tags!